The Sneaker Report : Kick Off The New Year The Fly Way With These 5 Winter Sneakers

I Almost Threw Away My Timbs When I Wrote This!

The Sneaker Report   Kick Off The New Year The Fly Way With These 5 Winter Sneakers

Winter Sneakers Are The New Timberlands (For Real Though)

like everyone else in the world, we were very skeptical when we first heard about winter sneakers. I vividly remember my mom’s voice screaming the pros and cons of wearing sneakers in the snow (it kinda stayed with me to this day).

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The sneaker industry adapts itself pretty quickly to trends, lifestyles, cultures, and everything that plays in our buying cycle. Their first attempts at putting out winter sneakers were rather unimpressive if you ask me. Perhaps, like every good thing in life:  it takes time to get the results in!

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Cc: via Nigra Mercato

2017 was a great year for sneakerheads at large. We saw Adidas kick some doors down with a massive collection of dope releases and surprisingly Nike definitely kept the pace. We saw dope collabs all year and finally, this year we allowed ourselves to consider options rather than getting the same usual brands.

2018 is the year of the openmindedness (as every year should be actually). We’ve have decided to check for ourselves and we can tell right from the start that on design perspective, shoe brands definitely stepped it up this year!

Here are 5 winter sneakers to cop in order to fight the snow while staying warm & fly!

adidas AF 1.3 Primeknit , adidas shoes, winter sneakers, montreal sneakers, oth boutique, urban outfitters

Cc: via Adidas

#1  Adidas AF 1.3 Primeknit (For Fly Guys Only)

Price: 239$ CAD at Urban Outfitters

Here’s a perfect example of what we meant by THEY STEPPED IT UP! The 3 stripes brand really caught the imagination of the sneakerheads this year with amazing collabs and designs.

Cc: via adidas

Cc: via Adidas

I personally believe that they’ve been running the ”trainer shoes” trend all year and they definitely brought their savoir-faire into this pair.

The days where you had to tie up your heavy boots for over 5 minutes are gone. this pair is warm enough to wear in the cold but yet fly enough to make a statement.

Can You Really Ask For More?


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Cc: via Vans

#2 Vans Super Sk8-Hi (For Bold Guys Only)

Price: 120$ CAD at Vans

Vans and the Jordan brand have this one thing in common, they’ve created classic styles that survived the test of time. The Sk8-Hi shoe is iconic for many different cultures and has hit the urban scene like a thunderstorm in the past few years.

They went Britney Spears on us and did it again with a revamped version of the shoe just so snow survivors like us in Montreal could go through this harsh weather in style.

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Cc: via Converse

#3 Converse Jump Boot High Top (For The Conservative Guy Only)

Price: 225$ at Converse

For all our all-black-everything-live-and-die-by-the-simple-things readers, we didn’t forget you. Indeed, Converse definitely brought something timeless and wear-it-everywhere on the table.

converse jump boot high, sneaker report,

Cc: via Converse

Neat, classy, comfortable with that je-ne-sais-quoi that only Converse knows how to create!

nike manoa, nike sneakers, nike releases, nike drops

Cc: via Macy’s

 #4 Nike Manoa (Because Some Guys Like The Classics)

Price: 75.97$ USD at Nike

This pair right here almost made me drop my timberlands (almost but sike!).




clearweather brand, montreal kicks, agenda project show, shoe designer

Cc: via clearweather

#5 Wampa / Timber By Clearweather (For The Guy Who Thinks Outside The Box)

Price: 350$ USD at Clearweather

These are not quote-unquote sneakers but they’re not your heavy winter boots either which makes them special from the jump. Clearweather is a brand we’ve discovered in Las Vegas last summer and since then they kept bringing that fire (I wish I could plug the emoji right now).

Innovative, unique in terms of quality, colorways, and materials, this is the no-one-rocks-it-like-me type of winter sneakers.

What Do You Think?

Are you willing to let go your traditional Uggs or Timberlands for those winter sneakers instead? Let us know in the comment section now!


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