Nike Supports Members Of The LGBT Community With A New Release

Nike Supports Members Of The LGBT Community With A New Release

When Fashion & A Good Cause Collide!

The New Vapormax “Be True” Pays Homage To Members Of The LGBT Community In A Major Way!

Fashion has always been a vehicle for social justice in its own way and the latest group to benefit from it is the members of the LGBT community!

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Indeed, Nike was once again willing to show the world that they stand for something bigger than being a billion dollar sneaker empire.

June 1st will mark the day where the giant shoe company will celebrate and support athletes that are members of the LGBT community. Their new collection called “Be True” is challenging stereotypes by implementing the iconic 8 colors rainbow in their shoes’ design!

The Vapormax is their lastest shoe design to get the “Be True” treatment and I think Nike wanted this release to be memorable.

Today we will overview the new release of  the VapormaxBe True” and see why it will turn out to be a hit for your summer outfits this summer!

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Cc: via Hypebeast

1.The Flyknit Technology At His Best

As usual, when it comes to trainer shoes, Nike is a pioneer for bringing new technologies & comfort. The Flyknit design has proved to be a reliable material to enhance performance and definitely the style of the shoe at large!

Dark blue is a great choice of colour because it has that “Passe-Partout” effect that makes the Vapormax a show you can wear everyday regardless of the colored sole.


2.The Rainbow Sole Is A Statement In Itself!

When the Vapormax first came out as the 2017 edition of the iconic Airmax, I knew they had a game changer shoe just because of the sole. (Rediscover The Air Max History Inside The Nike Air Max Bus!)

Even though they made it transparent at the first release, I was always thinking about how great it would turn out to add color in the sole. The designers at Nike seem to always think forward when to the colour patterns of their releases; I’m glad that they didn’t disappoint once again!

Beyond the cool aspect of the sole, I think the very fact that it was done to support the members of the LGBT community is a bold and amazing initiative coming from the sneaker giant.

I’m not saying that this alone can cure homophobia but it will certainly raise awareness in the athlete world (and…definitely find a place in my shoe collection).

Cc” via Hypebeast

3. More Than A Fashion Statement

The sneaker world is too often plagued by hype or senseless collabs (does the “Ikea Everywhere”  phase was actually a thing?) and this initiative rejuvenates what it used to stand for.

Discrimination has no gender, sexual orientation nor a color of skin. I like to see brands getting involved in the fight and being vocal or supportive to a cause.

If we expected more from our designers, I think they would be more inclined to speak up on certain issues or raise awareness with their work.

I’m not saying we should march in the streets screaming : “Conscious Fashion Matters” but we should definitely support a great initiative when we see one (OR call out BS when we see it!)

Nike For The Win?

Fashion wise the shoe looks amazing but what do you think about the statement it brings in the sneaker world? Do you feel like it’s enough or is it just a marketing move to you?

Let us know in the comment section now!


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