Rediscover The Air Max History Inside The Nike Air Max Bus!

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A Closer Look At The Rarest Pairs Of Air Max Inside The Nike Air Max Bus

Last week-end we were invited by Jaffy from Soleexchange Canada to come experience the Nike Air Max Bus in Toronto. We learned a lot about the evolution of the original 1987 Air Max 1 to the new Nike Air Max Vapor which is the 2017 edition of the iconic shoe!

The Nike Air Max Bus was a moving museum of some of the rarest Nike Air Max 1’s. They decorated the bus as the original 1987 Nike Box for the occasion. The Toronto tour made a stop at Radisson inn convention center to let the attendees of the Ultimate Sneaker Show enjoy the experience.

For us this experience was amazing, inside the Nike Air Max Bus we were able to reconnect with the great minds that help build this classic that is so significant in the sports world and the fashion world too.

In this video, you will see some exclusive footage of the Nike Air Max Bus with a full interview about the evolution of the shoe throughout the years. As our tour guide Kwame said : ”30 never looked so nice” !

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