How I’ve Used Vision Portraits To Get The Best 2018 I Could Ever Get

It Works!

How I  8217 ve Used Vision Portraits To Get The Best 2018 I Could Ever Get

Vision Portraits Might Be The Missing Piece For Your Personal Success!

While being in the midst of planning resolutions that might never see the light, I felt like I needed something different to catapult myself into 2018 then I discovered something that changed me forever: vision portraits.

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Self-improvement is a journey. You read things, try things, you win, you lose and most of all you grow. This year I’ve tried everything and by everything, I mean E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.

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I went to a Tony Robbins conference, spoke with mentors, gurus, psychologists, success coaches, successful people that I knew and so on. We’re all looking for answers on how to get better, how to achieve more and how to enhance our lives but what if everything started with a vision?

Sometimes we get lost in the things we want rather than the steps necessary to get them. Sometimes we beat ourselves down when we can’t make it happen for some reason and we ask ourselves why can’t we get to this ideal version of ourselves.

They say we should ”Fake It Until We Make It” but the ”Fake It” part is often misinterpreted. I used to think that ”Faking It” was about playing a role or being unauthentic until I found out what it truly meant.

You may not be rich or not as successful as you wish to be (at least yet). Perhaps,  if you think, act and live like you’re already there; it gets you closer to that spot.

 Tell Me Your Vision, I’ll Show You Your Future

Those were the words I heard from Pazit Perez at an event one day.  She was explaining what vision portraits were about and how rebranding yourself as your best version through photography would be a growth accelerator.

I’ve gone through a palette of emotions. You know it’s real when you feel like you hear the little voice in your head while you have that ”Eureka” moment in the bathroom and when the apple falls on your my head and it’s all happening at the same time (no exaggeration intended).  Those signs told me loud and clear :


and sure I did….

Who’s Pazit Perez?

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As a vision portrait photographer, Pazit has created vision portraits for elite entrepreneurs, celebrities and made several TV appearances. Her approach is about visualizations so you can have a roadmap to make your vision come true.

What Was My Vision?

Cc: Montrealgotstyle

Cc: Montrealgotstyle

As the editor in chief at Montrealgotstyle the answer was quite obvious: my vision is to build a media company that’ll be the bridge between Montreal and the rest of the world. Ambitious? Oh yeah! Impossible? I used to think so but now it’s a certainty.

What’s The Process?

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Pazit asked me to put together a list of all the people I draw inspiration from to help me create this portrait of myself in which all my wildest dreams were already achieved.

I had to hold myself to not send her 20 names but we circled around Kanye West, Christopher Gardner, Steve Jobs, Karl Lagerfeld and a couple others.

Through this exercise, I realized a lot of things about myself. I used to feel like the world I was trying to evolve in required a certain look but by picking up my style and personalities inspiration, it all came down to eccentric people (like me right!).

The pictures had to reflect power, audacity, peace, respect, and prestige. I came to the studio with fur, sunglasses, pins on my blazers, leather boots and I was ready to become the king of media.

It Was A Powerful Form Of  Therapy For Me

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When you deal with self-doubts, lack of confidence, a troubled past or whatever you’re dealing with; it hunts your future. My idea was to face my fear, face my internal battles, doubts and move in a better space through this experience.

It took me time to realize this but the man that came in this studio wasn’t the man that came out of it. 10 minutes in the session, the old me was still kicking it. Shyness took over at first, I wasn’t receptive and it was hard for me to enjoy the moment.

Perhaps, at the 11 minutes mark, Pazit did something I didn’t expect: she spoke to me as if I was really THAT man we were trying to build.

She was asking me how I felt as a successful businessman, how my Apple deal went through, what I’ve learned through the journey and how I see the future now that I’m already accomplished.

Those conversations had a powerful impact on me. It was real, it was me, my tone of voice changed, my posture changed and let’s be honest, I was definitely smoking that cigar like a boss (at least when the smoke didn’t make me suffocate).

For 3 hours, I was able to feel like I actually made it. No insecurities, no late nights thinking about how, why and when, I was just….in flow.

For the first time in my life, I realized that peace, empowerment, and fulfillment had to be a state of mind before you see them physically.

My Rebranded Self

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Cc: Pazit Perez

When I received that picture after the session, I knew I could never go back. Whenever my old ghosts would show, I knew I had this representation of myself to look up to and remember who I’m supposed to be.

What this session did for me and might do for you is this: you will finally put a face to who you always wanted to be. By doing this, I promised myself to live by what this man I created represents.

It’s all about beliefs, mindset, and inspiration and I have a roadmap to see it through now.

What Do You Think?

What do you think about vision portraits? Would you try it out? Let us know in the comment section now!



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