The One Pair Of Sneakers To Seduce Your Valentine’s Date This Year

They Look At Your Sneakers First Fellas!

The One Pair Of Sneakers To Seduce Your Valentine  8217 s Date This Year

The Right Pair Of Sneakers To Score A Few Points On Valentine’s Day

In 13 days from now, as you think about a gazillion ways to please your Valentine‘s date but have you thought about which pair of sneakers to rock?

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I’m from the school of thought that believes that women notice a man’s sneakers before everything else in life (a good haircut is still a no-brainer though).

On Valentine’s day and like every other day in life, impressions matter. From the restaurant you pick, the vibe you bring that night and once again: your pair of sneakers.

It says a lot about you actually. It tells a woman how you carry yourself, your tastes and a few other cues that only women understand.

Today, we want to sure you get the most out of this special occasion with a quick selection of sneakers to make sure she can’t help but notice (trust me she won’t)

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#1 The Red Flag Pair (In A Positive Way Of Course)

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Cc: ClearWeather Brand

Thinking outside of the box is a way of life. You want this lady to see you as an adventurer, someone that takes risks and ahead of the pack; it’s start with this pair of sneaker.

Slick, different and the promise that ”you’re not like the other guys”.

Price: 150$ USD

Where To Get It:



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Cc: via Urban Outfitters

#2 The He’s Not Like The Rest Pair

Doc Martens are timeless and an undeniable statement of a man’s taste for what they represent. It’s one thing to wear regular Docs but it’s another when there’s a fire design to overlay the iconic silhouette.

A subtle mix of edginess and ”who’s that guy?!” factor to it.

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Cc: via Urban Outfitters

#3 The Upper Echelon Pair (Not Sneakers But Still Fire Right)


Before you kill the messenger take a good look at these loafers for a second and think about their power.





What Do You Think?

Do you think you can really make a statement on Valentine’s day with one of those sneakers/loafers? Do women really pay attention to such details?

Let us know in the comment section now!


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