The One Pair Of Sneakers To Seduce Your Valentine’s Date This Year

The One Pair Of Sneakers To Seduce Your Valentine’s Date This Year

They Look At Your Sneakers First Fellas!

The One Pair Of Sneakers To Seduce Your Valentine  8217 s Date This Year

The Right Pair Of Sneakers To Score A Few Points On Valentine’s Day

In 13 days from now, as you think about a gazillion ways to please your Valentine‘s date but have you thought about which pair of sneakers to rock?

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I’m from the school of thought that believes that women notice a man’s sneakers before everything else in life (a good haircut is still a no-brainer though).

On Valentine’s day and like every other day in life, impressions matter. From the restaurant you pick, the vibe you bring that night and once again: your pair of sneakers.

It says a lot about you actually. It tells a woman how you carry yourself, your tastes and a few other cues that only women understand.

Today, we want to sure you get the most out of this special occasion with a quick selection of sneakers to make sure she can’t help but notice (trust me she won’t)

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#1 The Red Flag Pair (In A Positive Way Of Course)

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Cc: ClearWeather Brand

Thinking outside of the box is a way of life. You want this lady to see you as an adventurer, someone that takes risks and ahead of the pack; it’s start with this pair of sneaker.

Slick, different and the promise that ”you’re not like the other guys”.

Price: 150$ USD

Where To Get It:



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Cc: via Urban Outfitters

#2 The He’s Not Like The Rest Pair

Doc Martens are timeless and an undeniable statement of a man’s taste for what they represent. It’s one thing to wear regular Docs but it’s another when there’s a fire design to overlay the iconic silhouette.

A subtle mix of edginess and ”who’s that guy?!” factor to it.

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Cc: via Urban Outfitters

#3 The Upper Echelon Pair (Not Sneakers But Still Fire Right)


Before you kill the messenger take a good look at these loafers for a second and think about their power.





What Do You Think?

Do you think you can really make a statement on Valentine’s day with one of those sneakers/loafers? Do women really pay attention to such details?

Let us know in the comment section now!


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