Book A Montreal Photographer Whenever And Wherever With EasyFlash

The Airbnb Of Photography Is Here!

Book A Montreal Photographer Whenever And Wherever With EasyFlash

Get A Montreal Photographer On Demand!

In a city full of visual artists, it’s often challenging to find the right Montreal photographer that suits our needs. Some of us often end up with the I-bought-myself-a-camera-yesterday photog or the #metoo type.

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Sometimes a dope Instagram feed doesn’t match the artist’s work ethic; unfortunately. The ”I’m 5 minutes away” BS and the ”I’ve lost my memory card yesterday” nightmares HAD to come to an end.

EasyFlash is a young company that has analyzed this problem and decided to take action. Their solution offers to upcoming photographers the opportunity to get noticed and for clients to deal with photographers based on their location, portfolio, and reviews.

The Airbnb Of Photography Is Here

Indeed, EasyFlash allows you to select a photographer near you or the location you want. They currently have a network of photographers that go from Montreal to Toronto so just imagine the possibilities.

On top of that, there’s a twist that might make you want to log on to their website now. Ladies and gents, this might shock you and leave you with a question mark on your face but the photoshoots on EasyFlash are FREE (with one technicality though).

A Montreal photographer is like a tattoo artist when you think about it. You’ll ask: ”can you do this?” and then, as the 5 seconds of thinking that should’ve been your red flag pass, they answer: ”sure!”.

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After 3 hours (a lot of sweats and outfits too), you finally get the final result and you totally hate it. Guess what? With the traditional packages, you gotta swallow your pride and NOT get what you paid for right?!

EasyFlash is disrupting that with the ”keep it simple” approach. Not only you can book a photographer to shoot for free but you can also buy the pictures that YOU like.

We Got Invited To A Try-Out Session And Here’s How It Went Down….

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cC: Simon of Easyflash

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My Review

Honestly, I was skeptical at first because of previous bad experiences. I personally felt like I was cheating on my usual photographer like when you cheat on your barber.

When you’re on the other side of the lens, you always have that feeling that you never really know what’s going on. The photographer was in fact really professional and made me comfortable from the start.

Showing me some shots here and there, explaining what edits would be done and he gave me tips to pose better. He took the time to answer my thousand questions about EasyFlash

He knew the landscapes, how to make the most out of my non-photogenic self and he even helped me take some behind the scenes (talking about customer service).

Overall, great service and I received the pictures 3-4 days after the session. Good for any kind of budget and especially if your schedule is chaotic.

How It Works?

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Step 1: Choose Your Location & Category

You have to choose the location and the category. The categories go from ”Solo” to ”Studio”; they have categories for any project.

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Step 2: Book A Photographer

Everything is there. Their availabilities, packages, portfolio and most of all their reviews!  This has to be the most complete and optimized way to book a Montreal photographer ever!

No back and forths via DMs, no ”pay me first and regret it later” policies and you choose what to keep.

What Do You Think?

I think EasyFlash is a great opportunity for both Montreal photographers & customers, I’m looking forward to seeing this company become the Airbnb of Photography! Would you try this service?

Let us know in the comment section now!


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