5 Ways to Wear Your Knits Like a Street Style Pro

5 Ways to Wear Your Knits Like a Street Style Pro

Winter Is Coming So Wear Your Knits…

Today our mission is to show you how to wear your knits in a creative way.  Creativity and fashion are two things that will never be seperated. Trends come and go but yet there are pieces that remain timeless.

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Knits are definitely a must this fall and we decided to put together «5 ways to wear your knits like a streetstyle pro» for ya’ll.

1 Belt it

Cc: http://weheartit.com/

Cc: http://weheartit.com/

If you’re looking to step your cardigan game up, cinch your sweater with a belt. This detail instantly gives your look added structure by creating an hourglass shape. Need a style tip? Play around with different types of belts, sweater lengths and fabrics to switch up the feel of your look. Skinny belts, kimono jackets, maxi sweaters and crochet cardigans are all functional and versatile pieces you can work with.

2 Wrap it

wear your knits bel it fedora woman

Cc: http://thefashiondressing.blogspot.ca/2013/10/wear-your-oversized-jumpersweater-girl.html

Keep it simple and cozy by pairing a Chunky infinity scarf with your Leather moto jacket. Sometimes it’s the smallest accessory that ties a look all the way together. This outfit looks best with tapered jeans as the fullness on top balances out the lack of volume at the bottom.

3 Wear your knits with a killer Chemise (Don’t store those away just yet!)

Cc: http://purlonpearl.tumblr.com/post/70837697738

Cc: http://purlonpearl.tumblr.com/post/70837697738

Bright and eccentric prints shouldn’t be reserved for summers only. I personally need colour in my life so what better way to incorporate those warm summer feels into our Fall wardrobes? Try layering Sleeveless Sweaters with your fave blouses. When paired with basic sweaters, a patterned blouse can add a striking effect to an otherwise Plain Jane outfit.

4 Tuck it! Chic dreams are made of (details like) these…..

style woman model handbag streetwear

Cc: http://death-by-elocution.tumblr.com/post/137798158515

Elevate your look with sophistication by tucking the front end of your chunky sweater into your pencil skirt. The leather skirt has become one of the best style staples any fashion enthusiast can own. Whether it’s an A-line, mini or pencil skirt, this style item transforms into any look that you’re going for. Once you gather the right pieces and maintain your own personal touches, you’re set. Street style pro’s love to combine textures such as leather skirts and thick knit tops, suede A-line skirts, cable knit sweaters and simple long-sleeved sweatshirts.

5 Slip Into it: Date night much?

knits fashion women montreal boutique streetweare

Cc: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/484911084858787223/

Creating the perfect silhouette can prove challenging when you’re trying to nail your OOTN (ladies am I wrong?) Well, slip dresses have earned their place in the evening-wear “Swag” category over the past few seasons and with fabulous reason. Pairing a Long line knit sweater + Lace trimmed slip dress is one of the trendiest ways to combine comfort and elegance without compromising versatility on proportions. Because let’s be honest, executing a particular look regardless of height, weight or size is particularly appealing. Adding an element of femininity, let that lace trim peek beneath the hem of your knit top. Add a sprinkle of your own “come hither” essence and you’re good to go….

QUESTION OF DAY: How would you wear your knits on a day to day basis based on our suggestions?


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