Niapsou Di : A Fashion Designer From Montreal That Takes Panafricanism To Life

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Niapsou Di   A Fashion Designer From Montreal That Takes Panafricanism To Life

Panafricanism Reinvented By A Fashion Designer From Montreal!

When we thought that we’ve seen everything fashion had to offer, a fashion designer from Montreal named Niapsou Di came to the scene and changed our assumptions forever.

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We had the honour to cover Niapsou Di‘s brand new collection : UNIFORME F-W 16. This fashion designer from Montreal has a magnificent taste when it comes to what he creates and we were impressed by the fact that he made it his mission to raise the world’s awareness about the african culture throughout his work as a designer. In this exclusive coverage you will see some of the pieces that really caught our eye and you will have the chance to be more familiar with the work of this local genius.

A Designer Or A Revolutionnary?

We would easily say that Niapsou Di is a revolutionnary more than just a fashion designer from Montreal because his work goes beyond fashion and his commitment to change the norm and make high-end fashion standards adapt to him instead of the opposite makes him a rebel of a new genre. We’re definitely looking forward to what he has to deliver considering the patterns, fabrics and overall details that mark the true perfectionnist.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so enjoy this amazing recap that we’ve put together. It contains the best man/woman pieces from the collection!



As a fashion designer from Montreal, Niapsou Di undersands how to bring his culture to forefront, how to forget about traditionnal trends and just focus on being creative. The fashion show itself brought many key elements of the african culture such as afrobeats, models from so many countries from the motherland and the venue was also decorated to go along with the theme.

We are definitely looking forward to see what Niapsou Di and his creative mind has in store for us in the future (and you should to!).

Name us your favorite fashion designer from Montreal and why he or she deserves that title? Let us know in the comment section.


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