PK Subban: Too Fly For The Canadiens

What F**ck!

PK Subban  Too Fly For The Canadiens

PK Subban: Quebec’s Most Wanted

I hope one day they will come back to this exact period of time and remind themselves that they just through one of the most iconic player I’ve ever seen: Pk Subban.

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I would like to start this article by saying : how ironic! It’s Canada Day and the only thing I can think about is the fact that we’ve just lost one of our biggest canadian ambassador: PK Subban.

Unless you live in a cave, you’ve probably heard about what will go down in hockey history as one of the worst trades. The whole city erupted when everybody found out that PK Subban will be traded for Shea Weber. I scrolled down my timeline for 30 minutes and all I could see was jerseys and flags with the famous red and blue ”CH” logo burning. Lie detectors would go bananas if I said that I am a real hockey fan but there are many things that have come up in the last few days.

I was raised in Montreal with Haitian parents and I’ve always tried my best to combine the values they taught me and the ones that were cemented in this place I call home. Even though I was raised here, there’s one thing that will always remain a mystery to me: our universal disgust of wealth. You know that old saying: “money is the root of all evil”. That’s a code we live by in Montreal. I’ve never understood why we associate wealth with being a thief or – as we say here – a “crosseur”. I just don’t get why someone driving a nice car is automatically a show-off or lacking in humility. Don’t get me wrong, some people flash money and cars can be horrible inside and out, but there are some that actually use their material possessions to inspire others or just to celebrate the fact that they’ve made it this far.

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Cc: John Huet

Many will tell you that this has nothing to do with anything, but deep inside we must admit that PK’s so called attitude problem played a major part in this decision. Besides that, I don’t have the actual hockey knowledge to tell you whether or not PK is the best bet in terms of stats or performance. There’s one thing that I can tell you though, PK brought another dimension to hockey that no other athlete has brought before him: PK understands that above all he became a brand. That implies that he should act and live according to his commercial goal as an ambassador for his brand. He has charisma, style and most of all he’s not afraid to express his opinions regardless if the public agrees or not. I think the only crime PK is guilty of in this case is being too outspoken and outgoing in a sport where having a personal brand is taboo. The days where hockey athletes had to keep a low profile and just focus on their game are long gone now. PK showed us that a hockey player can be cool beyond his performance on the ice. To me, PK is an inspiration because he opened the door for young black athletes that never thought that hockey could embrace them. Montreal is the Mecca of hockey but fans forgot the main element of every sport: entertainment.

Pk The Fashionista

rw-co new collection with Subbam suits classic


In the last 6 years, we were able to see so many different sides of PK, the man. We saw PK the fashion enthusiast with his collection with RW&CO, PK the family man, PK the philantropist and PK the party animal. You could run into him in various clubs throughout the city and see him vibe next to you like it was nothing. Using the race card would be easy, but I’m not trying to go. In my opinion, I think we’re just stuck in a played out mentality that makes people like PK look like marginals or – as we’ve witnessed in the past few months – enemies of the state.

Times are changing and once again I think we’re missing the boat because we’re afraid. In the long run, I think PK would’ve break many more barriers by expanding his brand because yes, he was the only one that understood that he was much more than an athlete. Some of the Canadiens’ players gave us burgers at Mc Donald’s but he gave us a lifestyle, a passion for helping others and so much more. I mean no disrespect to any other team member of the Canadiens, but they must understand that PK has set the bar.

Farewell Pk, You Will Truly Be Missed

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Dear PK, I would like to personnally thank you for what you’ve done for our city and community at large. Your generous donations, your envolvement and your accomplishments mean so much. You’re the living proof that Montreal is both a city that opens its arms wide for greatness but also that it doesn’t know how to embrace it for what it’s really worth. No matterthe colour of your jersey, for us, you will always remain a real Canadien.

Farewell PK!

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