From Youtuber To The Next Mayor Of MTL, Will Tyler Lemco Make It?

Tyler For Mayor!

From Youtuber To The Next Mayor Of MTL  Will Tyler Lemco Make It

Discover The Incredible Story Of A Youtuber Who’s Currently Running For Mayor (And It’s Serious By The Way)

A Youtuber has the power to share a story with the world and shape it video by video. Tyler Lemco is rewriting what it means to be a Youtuber into something no one could’ve thought of: a potential career in politics.

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Some of you might remember him from the Epic Meal Time Youtube series that made a killing a while ago. Nowadays, Mr. Lemco finds himself shaking hands, collecting signatures and going through the procedures of a mayor to be.

It Was A Joke At First But….

A simple question would be: Why would you trade being a Youtuber for a career in politics? He got questioned about his motives a few times but the answer remains the same.

Why The Fuck Not?

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Cc: via Global News

In 2015, he made his own sign just to see how people would react. Little did he knew, he received massive support and feedback from Montrealers and media outlets.

Fast forward in 2017, Tyler Lemco is running for mayor and he’s definitely serious about it. While a lot of people are currently trying to discourage him, Tyler seems confident and he’s setting a new blueprint for any politician looking for a cool effect.

While documenting all the process through his Youtube channel and social media accounts, the Youtuber is revamping the political game and once again he came up with a sick idea for a creative sign.

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Cc: Via Tyler Lemco’s Facebook Page

Asking Montrealers to literally vandalize your own sign, it gives you an open window to what kind of politician we might have as a potential mayor (a baddass one for sure).

Since we’re the kings of whatever is ”Outside Of The Box” we had to sit down with the mayor to be and discover what HE wants to for Montreal.

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5 Things Tyler Lemco Would Do If He Was The Mayor Of Montreal


What Do You Think?

Do you think Tyler Lemco got what it takes to be the next mayor of Montreal? Can a Youtuber fill that void we have as citizen with our local politicians?

Let us know in the comment section now!



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