We Made A Custom Sneaker Box Inspired By Steve Jobs, Lebron & Many More


We Made A Custom Sneaker Box Inspired By Steve Jobs  Lebron   038  Many More

A Custom Sneaker Box Inspired By The Hustle

A couple months ago, we’ve met Jason Rouah, an entrepreneur from Montreal,  a solopreneur with an idea which may change the landscape in the sneaker culture: instead of customized sneakers, let’s go for a custom sneaker box.

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Jason Rouah is the founder of Repboxx.  A brand that focuses on creating designs and giving life to an item considered mostly for its utility rather than its aesthetics.

As a sneakerhead, have you ever felt lost in your  inventory? I mean think about it! Mix up 20 pairs of Adidas and another 20 of Nikes and finding your kicks becomes a real headache period.

If you’re really disorganized (which I ABSOLUTELY am). You also have cold sweats when the thought of losing a pair crosses your mind; at least I do.

On rare occasions, you can get a sneaker box that gets you as excited as the shoe itself. Even worse, most of the time you either have to identify the boxes because they all look the same or you actually mismatch your shoes in the wrong boxes.

This exactly why Repboxx caught my attention. I needed something for my go-to kicks, to spot them quickly and if the box happens to be fly, that’s the cherry on the pie!

For this special collab, we went all in. Our goal was to create a sneaker box that means something; to build a story behind it the same way shoes have their own stories.

The Story 

With over 30 iconic clichés & logos with culture shifters from Jean-Michel Basquiat, Apple, Pablo Escobar to Marilyn Manson. Simply putthis box was inspired by the H-U-S-T-L-E.

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Cc: Montrealgotstyle

We wanted to implement individuals who pushes boundaries while reinventing the wheel and all the different inspos to literally Walk That Walk whenever I take my shoes out.

customize sneaker box, montreal sneakers

Cc: Montrealogtstyle

The Process

In order to create this box, we had to be specific about the design we were looking for. We’ve pitched ideas but the real challenge was to know exactly how it would fit on the box.

The staff at Repboxx gave us mockups, previews and all the details necessary to visualize the final result. Everything is done through Photoshop so you can’t go wrong nor have bad surprises.

We had MANY options when we first started the process. We had the choice between cardboard boxes for standard Nike, Jordan & Adidas replica boxes. For the challenge,  we’ve decided to opt for a full custom sneaker box.

Beyond that, they also offered us to create acrylic boxes and laser engraving. Surprisingly, those products price range 20 to 35$ (depending on the design).

Repboxx, as a brand,  can totally take care of some if not all your storage needs. They  alsodo custom shelf, storage boxes and even closet systems.

For all you creatives & sneakerheads out there, the ones who have an inner artist screaming to be freed. I’m talking about the ones who love to get stuffs tailored to their tastes, this is the next step in your sneaker journey

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