The Evolution Of Montreal Rap Scene According To Feezy From Da Main Source

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Montreal Rap Is Boomin And Here’s Why According To Feezy.

I think I’ve let it known quite a few times but I’m a HUGE fan of Montreal rap. In my teenagers days, I used to run after school to check up on any new track I could find either from French or English rappers.

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A lot of things changed since then and I’m both shocked and happy to see how Montreal rap made  huge jump in terms of fan base and impact.

Feezy Da Main Man was actually a rapper I was frequently listening to. little did I know, several years later I would interview him about the state of rap in Montreal (life is strange right!)

In this interview, the rapper turned media entrepreneur opens up about what changed the face of Montreal rap. He reflects on his early rap career as well, the impact of social media with music these days and what his platform called Da Main Source brings to the local scene.

In this interview, Feezy also shares what him create DMS and what are his keys to success. Indeed, as an entrepreneur, he managed to build a solid platform of 30 000 avid hip hop fans and a the first bilingual rap battle league in the world.

For all the Montreal rap and worldwide hip hops that might read this, I definitely recommend you to stay tuned in with DMS. They’re definitely the No.1 urban platform to dive in the hip hop culture.

Question Of The Day!

Do you think the Montreal rap scene will be self sufficient one day? What if we could make it by ourselves without going to France or the United States?

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