5 Lessons To Learn From Harvey Specter (Yeah The Guy From Suits)

The Harvey Specter Way Of Thinking!

5 Lessons To Learn From Harvey Specter  Yeah The Guy From Suits

Let Harvey Specter Be Your Life Coach!

I couldn’t wait for the day that I could finally write a piece about one of my favourite fictionnal life coach : Harvey Specter.Between writing articles, attending events, going to school, taking online courses and literally wondering if they have discounts on www.buymoretime.com; I still manage to find some spare time to catch up with my favourite tv shows (on netflix of course). I must admit that i’m definitely a fan of Suits) and especially the iconic Harvey Specter.

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Blame it on my crazy lifestyle but I have a major preference for tv shows that actually teach me something and remain entertaining. Even though the whole storyline focuses way too much on Harvey in my opinion, he still delivers gems on top gems whenever he has a chance. Here are 5 lessons I’ve learned from Harvey Specter

1“People Respond To How You Dress; So Like It Or Not This Is What You Have To Do.”

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Harvey thinks highly of himself as you already know and he always emphacizes on the fact that first impressions are often the last. First impressions have a lot to do with how you act and sometimes we forget that how we dress has the same effect. You don’t need Tom Ford tuxedos to leave a great impression but always make sure you give the best version of yourself to the world.

2 “The Only Time Success Comes Before Work Is In The Dictionary.”

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Overnight success is trendy these days but don’t believe the hype, work for what you want in life and make it happen. Sometimes working hard is not enough as well but now the real focus is how to work smart instead.

3 Get Yourself The Best Barber In Town

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Impressions, impressions and I’ll repeat again IMPRESSIONS. My lady told me that 80% of what makes Harvey Specter has to do with his haircut. If you know anybody who becomes a magician with his clippers, you already know what to do!

4 Think Big…All The Time

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Ambition is a state of mind, you either lose small or win big as Harvey would say. The more you visualize yourself as the best version of yourself and the more likely you will achieve.

5 Always Have A Plan B

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Even though it’s all scripted as you know, it seems like Specter always finds a solution for any obstacle showing up. This is the only part where tv and real life are similar because yes things happen. I like the fact that they always portray him taking a break from the actual issue to think about a solution. He does his research properly, finds the weak spot and then Harvey is ready to kick asses (we should too)

If you didn’t had time to catch up with this tv show lately, check out their last trailer and let us know what you think!

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