5 Artists And Entrepreneurs Making Moves But Quebecor Media Doesn’t Talk About It

Quebec’s Go Getters!

5 Artists And Entrepreneurs Making Moves But Quebecor Media Doesn  8217 t Talk About It

5 Artists And Entrepreneurs That Quebecor Media Missed Out!

With the rise of social media, it’s becoming quite clear that the media outlets like Quebecor Media are out of touch with the breakthroughs of our local artists and entrepreneurs. Sometimes it seems like they only care about tragedies, celebrities or whatever is happening in the US.

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I’ve never really paid attention on how our media outlets were structured until I became a part of Montrealgotstyle . As a journalist/blogger, I have the choice to cover whatever I want and I don’t let the followers or readers stats dictate the content.

Big corporations like Quebecor Media and television networks can’t play by those rules because they have too much to lose and too much to gain.

To keep the number of viewers at an all time high they rather promote scandals and rumors instead of showcasing upcoming artists and entrepreneurs even when they are VERY well established worldwide.

That’s the part where I actually thank them because that’s why other platforms like ours are so crucial. Today we will present you 5 artists and entrepreneurs that definitely deserve more coverage for their achievements and for putting us on the map.

1. Jules Marcoux Aka The Golden Boy Of Marketing

Cc: via Jules Marcoux's Facebook

Cc: via Jules Marcoux’s Facebook

Jules Marcoux is what you can call a young prodigy. I always find it hard to believe that this man is not even 25 years old yet when you think about all his acomplishments and overall impact in the marketing world.

The rapper turned marketer/influencer has built a solid brand and business model that offers marketing consulting services and solutions to clients from all over the world.

Just to add another arrow to his quiver, Jules also authored 2 successful books called “The Marketing Blueprint” and “Be The Brand” that sold over 50 000 copies. Both books open up about his tips and secrets to properly market your products and how to leverage your personal brand.

He recently been featured  in the Huffington Post but once again I still think it was quite late.

2. Kaytranada Aka The Beat Maestro

kaytranada montreal producer 99,9% album the celestics

Cc: via billboard

Kaytranada is defining the world through his amazing talent as a producer. His hard work and dedication made him a powerful figure in the music industry as he received many opportunities to work with legends such as Alicia Keys, Madonna and many more!

While he has an international status in the music industry, it seems like our media outlets were hesitant to cover his accomplishments over artists that are successful mostly locally.

While some may think it has something to do with his ethnical background, I’m not trying to pull the racial card here; to me it’s all about common sense. There’s clearly a difference between rocking a crowd at a local arena and rocking thousands of fans across the globe (no disrespect just facts!).

I’m happy that he received a prize for his album called 99.9% (check our review) and I can’t wait for him to get his due props locally.

3. High Klassified Aka The Trend Setter

High Klassified is much more than a Laval ambassador and a sneaker collector, he’s building bridges for the province all over the world.

The young producer recently made a huge step in his career by letting not only 1 but 2 majors artists bless one of his beats.  Indeed, the Lavallois managed to have Future & The Weeknd on the track called “Coming Out Strong” which made several headlines and top charts since its release.

High Klassified is also involving in many projects surrounding the fashion world like his capsule collection with Off The Hook called “Laval Ou Rien”.

Regardless of all the incredible things is doing for himself or for putting us on the map, we barely hear crickets from our local papers!

4. The AskMen Founders

askmen.com ricardo papouda

Cc: via Askmen

Askmen is the no.1 men lifestyle platform in the world and unfortunately not a lot of people know that originally it came from Montreal.

AskMen was founded in August 1999 in Montreal. Ricardo Poupada, Christopher Bellerose Rovny and Luís Rodrigues had this phenomenal idea that literally reshaped men’s lifestyle for the decades to come.

A fair question would be : why would they care if they get coverage all over the world? I personally believe that we need to hear more about successful entrepreneurs like the Askmen Founders especially to be inspired and understand that anybody from Montreal can do it big internationally.

Once again where are you Quebecor Media when we need you to inspire the next generation of powerful platforms founders?

5. Rowjay Aka The Finesser

rowjay carnaval de finesse rowjaysus a trappin ape

Cc: Via Rowjay’s Facebook

Rowjay is a young rapper with a serious influence on the music scene even though some may underestimate his impact.

Rowjay managed to established a name for himself with a sound that is different, well excuted production wise and he created an image that aligns with a new wave of hip hop.

While this young artist has a powerful fan base locally, he definitely expanded his brand in France by doing shows and collaborating with high profile artists in Europe.

Based on his “Claude Poirier” track that made me discover Rowjay in the first place, the content of his music may have some humouristic lines at times but he has a serious vision behind his work.

When was the last time that we had an artist doing it big from Montreal to France musically? Still no major media outlets on sight to talk about that.

Do We Expect Too Much From Quebecor Media?

Although we expect a lot from our media outlets (especially when there is only one ruling the others), I’m happy to see a lot of creatives and entrepreneurs challenging the odds with their own dedication and resources while making our province known across the globe.

Do you think it’s only a matter of time until Montreal blow up the way Toronto did a couple years ago? Who will carry that torch first according to you?

Let us know in the comment section now!


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