This Natural Men’s Grooming Products Line Made Me Stop Using Chemicals

Love It!

This Natural Men  8217 s Grooming Products Line Made Me Stop Using Chemicals

Wise Was My First Try At Natural Men’s Grooming Products And I Might Never Go Back!

When it comes to men’s grooming products the old saying : ‘‘To Each His Own” is in full effect. Everybody is looking for a different result, look, texture, experience, feeling, look on women’s face when they walk around, scent; you get the picture.

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Even though fast food ain’t slowing down in a minute and pollution is at its highest. It seems like a major part of society has a new found consciousness about the environment.

We’ve seen the rise of new ways of eating, of living and thinking. It was only right that we start to change the way we take care of our skin and hair.

Wise is a Montreal-based men’s care line that focuses on creating eco-friendly and natural men’s grooming products. The word ”Natural” always has that stigma attached to it for some reason. Too expensive, not easy to find and/or ineffective.

Wise perhaps, knew how to bring light to this new kind of men’s grooming products because it came from the initiative of a barber. Indeed, Simon Chercuitte, founder & barber of Monthly barbershops wanted a product that was eco-friendly and natural based on the frustration of his clients who couldn’t find any.

Wise came out of this need and let me know tell you this: I might never go back to anything else. We’ve received their ”Essentiels” kit by the mail and tried it out for the very first time.

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A wooden comb, shampoo. a clay pomade, some cream and a soap. Made of natural ingredients such as red maple, birch and essential oils. The attention to details is what makes the brand stands out.

The packaging is biodegradable, made of glass for eventual refills or other use. Wise as an edge that you can feel right when you apply their products.

The scent is not only amazing but it stays with you throughout the day through thick & thin (and God knows my days can be long).  The clay pomade relax the hair in a few minutes and you just have to let the wooden comb do the rest.

As for the shampoo, its hydrating quality is surprisingly great. My hair tend to get dry very fast and I’m happy to tell you that I’m one day and half in and my hair still has that softer-than-cotton-candy texture.

The ”Essentiels” kit is 95$ and can easily last for a month if you use the products properly. Great investment in terms of quality, results and a great way to care for the environment.

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