Djiby Is An Independent Artist From Montreal You Should Stop Overlook

Djiby Is An Independent Artist From Montreal You Should Stop Overlook

Meet Djiby; The Rap/RnB/Trap Chameleon 

Djiby is a Hip-Hop/R&B Indie artist that personifies what G-R-I-N-D means. He was born in Senegal, grew up in Kuwait and moved to Canada by himself when he was only seventeen years old. He has been making music since he was fourteen. Only recently has he begun to grasp the concept of power that music has.

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Today we will dig into the artist’s craft and story so you can get introduced to him. You can even learn a few things about what independent artists go through on a day to day basis just to be heard.

What is ”Crazy”?

Charlotte Violetta from MGS: ”One of my favorite songs you’ve produced so far is “Crazy”. Can you tell us what is “Crazy?”

Djiby: ”The record covers the natural , but often complicated,feeling of asking yourself if its really you who is crazy OR is it the people around you.

Charlotte Violetta from MGS: ”Another song, ”Hatred” which is produced by SeriousBeats, covers the feeling of going from being an optimist to becoming a true pessimist which eventually leads you to a self-misleading hatred. Can you tell us more about that?”

Djiby: “ I do not enjoy labels per say, but I believe we millennial have a tendency to forge a facade; an a alternate reality when confront with true pain”.

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From music which Djiby has created himself, to his collaborations and features on other artist’s songs; he is an adaptable musician chameleon. He goes from backpack raps to the turn up joints and all the way to the late-night-cruises-on-ste-catherine-street-melodies all in the same song.

On the rapping part; he seems to hold his own either with the content and the flow. On the singing note, which is often where rappers often lack in skills, he also stands out.

It seems like he’s not pushing that side of his artistry enough sometimes though. The parts where he provides melodies often leave you with this feeling that he can give you more.

Also by discovering his incredible journey from Senegal all the way to Montreal. The audience could definitely learn from someone who left everything behind to live his dream, can wait to hear more of this in his music.

What makes him an artist to look out for is his ability to be introspective even on turn up beats. Trap beats usually make regular artists dumb it down to the point where beat where you only like the beat and the hook.

Artists like Djiby still find a way to command you to listen to what he has to say even though the beat makes you want to fill up your cup in the club.


The Power Of Music 

Charlotte Violetta from MGS: ”What’s the message you’re trying to get out of your music?”

Djiby: “ My music speaks to the everyday struggle of your average person in their 20s. How do I keep a balance between being in the limelight yet remaining true to myself?

I’m not a preacher, but I want to use the lessons that I’ve learned and the experience that I’ve accumulated along the years as a compass for the audience. My job is to show my personality in my music as well as to grow with the audience.”


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