A Week-end At Mural Festival Where The Lituation Never Ends

Lit, Lit, Lit!

A Week end At Mural Festival Where The Lituation Never Ends

Mural Festival Is Where Even Party Animals Can’t Get Enough

The Best First Time Experience Ever!

Four years ago, i’m pretty sure the organizers behind Mural Festival couldn’t predict that their festival would eventually become one of the most influential art event in North America.

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Four days ago, I didn’t know what to expect from this event because even though i’m ashamed to say it now that I know what it’s all about, I couldn’t make it to the last three editions. I was skeptical at first because I thought it would be hard to combine live performances and art exhibitions at the same time but the staff at Mural Festival cleary changed my point of view the minute I’ve crossed the gate.

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Cc: Trilla Photography

In four days, not only my point of view changed but I realized from the very beginning that Mural Festival offers the opportunity for their audience to enjoy art in abundance with over 150 murals accross St-Laurent street but they also offer the opportunity to share a timeless moment with the artists. The artists they’ve invited come from so many different countries such as Spain, Brazil and Argentina and to me, I think it opens a larger perspective of what art means from all around the world. I’ve witnessed the work, met and discussed with several passionate and talented artists such as Johnny Crap,Inti and many more

Mural internationnal artist muralist st-laurent street Montreal art

Cc: Trilla Photography, Art by Initi

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The organizers of Mural Festival literally blocked the street of Saint-Laurent to let the public circulate and get familiar with their staff, the local brands like Le Cartel and the various activities they offer in partnership with Fido and Coca-Cola just to name a few. From Sherbrooke street all the way down to little Portugal, all I could see is art enthusiasts walking with amazement through the different murals, stands and activities. The local restaurants on Saint-Laurent are making sure that between two murals or live shows, you get the best food from pasta, to hot-dogs and several other choices. After four days of asking myself why the hell I’ve never made this artistic trip before, I became curious about how it started and what was the goal of Mural Festival since I was such a newbie to this experience. We’ve interviewed Mr. Pierre-Alain Benoit, the main director of the festival, to let him explain the concept in more details.


I think this event also breaks the stereotypes that society promotes against street art. Street art is usually labeled as vandalism with provocative messages that are only meant to shock without a specific cause. At Mural Festival, you get to talk to the artist and let him or her explains the message behind the piece and as everything falls into place, you get to appreciate the piece on a deeper level. I used to appreciate grafittis and street art whenever I saw them but having the chance to actually speak to the artists made me realized how crucial this art form is to society.


tde kendrick lamar schoolboy q live performance art mural fido stage

Cc : Trilla Photography

The block parties at Mural Festival brings together the most impressive lineups you could ever imagined. On their opening block party last thursday (june 9th), they brought out Schoolboy Q, Cj Flemming, High Klassified, Dj Bambii from Toronto, Lou Phelps and many guests. Approximately four thousands people were on site and ready to enjoy the show.

Even though it was mostly a hip hop show, Schoolboy Q and the other artists managed to bring an atmosphere similar to a rave, as people were bouncing around together and even jumping on roofs to the sounds of “This What They Want” and his new exclusive song with Kanye West called “That Part”


High Klassified, Montreal’s very own also did his thing with his electrifying beats and presence on stage. I think him and Cj Flemming had the formula to properly warm up the crowd that night.



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