The New Iphone Commercial is Out & Here’s What You Should Be Scared Of

Plot Twist!

The New Iphone Commercial is Out   038  Here  8217 s What You Should Be Scared Of

The New Iphone Commercial Reveals Many Features But Not Exactly What We Expected!

The new Iphone commercial got released during the week and once again it’s hard not to give Apple props for their creativity when it comes to advertising.

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Apple is known for creating some of the best ads the tech world has ever seen. I would like to take you back in time with their first hit;  the infamous “1984” commercial.

There’s a major irony here. 1994 was a book about characters being stuck in a brainwashed society. The characters depicted in the book were always under scrutiny and camera surveillance to make sure they don’t think or act against the regime in place.

The ad was meant to disrupt that and explained how Apple’s technology would never let that happen.

It was brilliant for the time especially at a moment in history where people vivdly thought that machines would take over the world (which they did in a way).

30 years and some dust later, the new Iphone commercial is released and it seems like 1984 was actually the blueprint for what 2017 should be.

Their commercial videos never disappoint don’t get me wrong. It’s straight forward, you know what the features will be about, a little upgrade here or there and then you scratch your head and ask yourself if you really need it (we’ve all been there with Apple).

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Cc: via Variety

Iphone X

Release Date

November 3rd


Wireless Charging (thank you lord)


No Home Button

Cameras (of course)

Face Id

Between all the funny moments and upbeat music, there’s one thing that really caught my attention & the rest of the world too. Yes, we’ve all seen that Face Id feature right?!

“I get it! We’re in a digital age where swiping on a screen is like going to the gym but…”.

We all need to be assured that no else but us has access to this little Pandora box that sits on the palm of our hand.

One thing Apple is truly amazing at is turning what is not necessary into something vital for you (they almost got me on the ear pods).

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Cc: Business Insider

I think this new Iphone commercial announces what we already knew:  we’re now entering the “We Know Everything About You” era.

An email is actually worth more than diamonds these days. Facebook knows when it’s your birthday, we know what you listen too on Spotify, Netflix suggestions never lie (and so on).

We’re constantly giving out information which only leads to more products, ads and “The Time Is Now” emails.

 We can still salute Apple‘s effort to make our lazy lives better but enough is enough.

Mr. Jobs wanted to provide easy access to the coolest technology for anybody in the world. When this same technology can potentially be just a front to saturate the market; that’s when the fun stops.

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Cc:  via Apple

Dear R&D department at Apple, we appreciate the effort but it’s fair enough to hit you with that “You Only Had One Job!” line at this very moment.

This article is not about boycotting the product and march on the street chanting “Private Life Matters”. We want to help you being aware of what’s going on and raise awareness about this issue.

Ps: please spare us with the Illuminati mind controlling theories, you can decide not to use the feature anyway!

What Do You Think?

Have you seen the new Iphone commercial yet? What do you think about the new Iphone X? Is it a real upgrade or not?

Let us know in the comment section now!


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