5 Montreal Podcasts To Help You Hustle & Flow Through The Week

Podcast Is The Way!

5 Montreal Podcasts To Help You Hustle   038  Flow Through The Week

Montreal Podcasts To Survive Your Busy Weeks!

Everybody has this weird theory that Montreal is always late to the party when it comes to trends but if we talk about to the art of podcasting, Montreal podcasts have a lot to offer.

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I must admit though, I WAS LATE to the party when it comes to podcasts period. Youtube is still my drug of predilection but after exploding my data plan month after month; finding another source of entertainment was a MUST.

Podcasts are the go-to format for people on the go. You’re in the subway, in the never-ending-traffic or even in the comfort of your home with your ugly socks on, Oreo cookies and milk on the side; it’s never a wrong time to listen to a podcast.

The fact that I could consume it as an audio format and download episodes in advance made it all the more functional.

Side note:  I have to apologize to a few pissed off drivers and luckily saved pedestrians I’ve almost ran over while revisiting Tony Montana‘s ”My Balls & My Word” quote for the billionth time.

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This article is not about me discovering this revolutionary idea that almost threw radio out the window. No! It’s about me finding out that there are a lot of Montreal podcasts actually competing with the Gary Vees & Joe Rogans of the world.

Today, we will make you discover 5 Montreal podcasts that you should listen to religiously for inspiration, knowledge and a good laugh while sweating bullets at Berri Uqam.

1. What A Time To Be Online

First of all, salute to the most clever name you could find for a podcast. Marcus Troy & his twin brother Naskademini explore art, fashion & entrepreneurship through conversations about their experience as content creators & influencers.

the twin brothers are literally veterans in the business and are counted as the most sought after influencers from Montreal.

Working with iconic brands such as Veuve Cocqulicot, Timbaland, Nike & more, they deliver gems and game changing interviews with inspiring contributors in the field.

this podcast will definitely be your go-to inspiration dose each morning!

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2. #Goals Podcast (french/english)

Kipola & Guy bring light to local entrepreneurs & influencers by having discussions with them about their process, keys to success and what drives them.

We did an episode with them earlier this year and believe me when I say, they ask for all the tea. We gave out secrets that we shouldn’t but that’s the magic the two hosts have when they get you in the mix.

The show welcomes entrepreneurs from many different fields. real estate, marketing, social media & many more.

This podcast is your way to get all the information you need to get things done and discover inspiring people.

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#3 Uncertified Grown Ups (french/english)

Tracy & DD open up about E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G and I don’t say that lightly. The show is about 2 ladies capturing the very essence of what a 20 something adult has to go through in life.

From relationships, mental health, finance and all the different struggles we can relate to, this Montreal podcast is refreshing and raw.

What we love about the show is the fact that the conversation sounds organic. The chemistry between the hosts is contagious. While sometimes you laugh till your rib’s cage collapse, there are couple moments where they make you think about stuff on a deeper level.

They don’t hold back, they go straight to it and slang wise, you can’t get more Montreal than that!

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4. Ovrgrnd Podcast

Ovrgrnd Agency is a marketing company that works with brands and influencers from Montreal. As part of their organization, they also have this media outlet in which they interview entrepreneurs, influencers & cultural shifters.

This podcast is the cherry on top because they’re able to get guests that are not quite accessible. Through conversations and their interview style allow the guests to drop all kinds of gems.


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5. FML Podcast

FML Podcast is one of the most consistent and hilarious podcast on the list. Lloyd and Lito Brigante give us their perspective about different topics they come across and they have no chill when it’s time to judge who’s right between the two.

With a wide range of subject matters such as politics, Hip Hop, sports and more, the duo also bring along a lot of different opinions with guests from all over the city. This podcast really reflects the fun barbershop talks you get to catch once in a while but which you can’t live without.


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