Get Affordable Luxury Brands At Saks Fifth Avenue Store This Summer!

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Get Affordable Luxury Brands At Saks Fifth Avenue Store This Summer

Gallerie d’Anjou Will The Home Of The First Saks Fifth Avenue Store In Montreal This Summer!

Sometimes as a fashion enthusiast we juggle between getting high end products and making we can pay our bills; hopefully for us the Saks Fifth Avenue store  will make our buying options easier (and less painful for our wallets).

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Indeed, the luxury brands retailer is coming to Montreal and with it the various discounts they offer on luxury brands. Saks is well known for their selection of high-end brands with names like : Moncler, Comme Des Garcons, Louis Vuitton & many more!

Even though they didn’t provide an official launch date yet, we did our research on their website to see if this new store which will be located at Galleries d’Anjou is really worth it or not.

Today we will overview some of their hot products and compare with the original prices so you can have an idea of what it’s all about !

Comme Des Garcons Play “Peek-A-Boo Low Top


Cc: Saks Fifth Avenue


Regular Price: 168.25$

Price On Saks Fifth Avenue: 125$









saks fifth avenue store tom ford 50 mm clint round glasses montreal

Cc: via Tom Ford

Tom Ford Eyewear “Clint 50 mm Round Glasses”

Regular Price: 531.49$

Price On Saks Fifth Avenue: 395$












kenzo leather tablet case

Cc: vai

Kenzo Leather-Trim Tiger-Print Tablet Case

Regular Price: 178.07$

Price On Saks Fifth Avenue: 132.37$



**all the prices are in USD**

Based on the website once again, I can tell that the Saks Fitfth Avenue store will be all about high end brands and variety. Their products go from Fendi leather jackets to Dolce & Gabbana earphones so expect their physical store to provide a great range of products.

In terms of prices, regardless of the conversion in Canadian money and our crazy taxes, I still expect the discounts to be worth it and their long line of brands also give the buyers the chance to get their hands on different high-end products all at one place.

Your Next Shopping Destination?

Even though we don’t have a date yet, I still think you should give it a try, they have good reviews, a solid reputation in the United States and adding some luxury to your life is never a bad thing right!?

Do you think this new store will be a game changer to have an easier access to luxury brands? What are the brands that you would like to buy there?

Let us know in the comment section now!





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