Get your “Dress For Less-” look with Premium Outlets Montréal

Because You Need That «Summer Is Mine» Look

Get your   8220 Dress For Less   8221  look with Premium Outlets Montr  al

Fashion Discoveries At Premium Outlets Montreal!

We strongly recommend Premium Outlets Montreal, if you’re a fan of outlets and fashion discoveries that suit your budge. In a city where festivals and cultural activities  are all over the place; it’s hard to find THE look.

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We all face this eternal question :  what to wear? We’ve got you covered with this festival worthy look for under $150.00 from Premium Outlets Montréal.

The «Summer Is Mine» Look

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A Shopping Therapy Experience

You will find everything you need from head to toe at Premium Outlets Montreal; it’s a guarantee. They have a wide selection of some of your favourite brands such as : Nike, Micheal Kors, Guess & many more! Jaw dropping prices and a variety that will make you think about filling your trunk twice for every shopping session.

Just by the look of our model on sight, you can tell that she had a good time! Never worry about keeping up with the current trends because they renew their arrivals on a monthly basis.


Montreal outlets shopping shopping spree accessories mastercard


Full Outfit Grid From Premium Outlets Montreal

Romper by American Eagle $44.95

Crochet by Jacket American Eagle $54.95

Sandals by American Eagle $39.95

“Grorien” Hat by Aldo  $22.00

As you see we didn’t have to go to many stores to put this «Dress For Less» look together. This is exactly the kind of place for someone who is looking for a one-stop-shop without the human traffic of a big mall. Most of all, you will be able to shop at your own pace, peacefully without having to chase boutiques around.


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premium outlets montreal model designer montreal shopping outlets


Blogged by Petrona a dear collaborator of Montrealgotstyle since our early stages. If you want to know more about Premium Outlets Montreal and their phenomenal offers, she’s the go to lady.

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