Kata Fashion & Maison Privée Made Style And Grooming Great Again Last Week-End


Kata Fashion   038  Maison Priv  e Made Style And Grooming Great Again Last Week End

Kata Fashion Sp17: A Collection Fueled By Passion!

2 years ago we’ve met Gabriel Bachand for our first official lookbook and the first thing he introduced us to too was his brand that was just starting to get recognition: Kata Fashion. Little did we know, the young designer will then invite us to his 7th collection launch!

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Gabriel Bachand is a designer that translates his state of mind and message through clothing and his particular creative process became more apparent in his Kata Fashion SP17 collection.

Usually designers don’t really mix their personal style with their creations but Bachand is the exception to the rule. Since his brand depicts the lifestyle of creatives, rebels and fans of the streetwear culture, it was only right that he teams up with Maison Privée to make his collection launch a blast.

Saturday 22nd, we were invited to have to have a sneak peek of the hottest limited pieces from the new collection of Kata Fashion. Today we will overview our ”coup de coeur” and what went down at Maison Privée

The U-N-L-O-V-A-B-L-E  ripped overalls are a must!

kata fashion gabriel bachand ton barbier maison privée jeremy wilde

Cc: via katafashion.ca

Overalls are a risky choice at times but the young designer made sure that his creation is adapted, current when it comes to trends and easy to wear for any occasion. That was honestly one of the pieces that caught my attention from the get go.

Fresca + Absolute Vodka= Paradise

maison privee mile end barber shop montreal grooming hairstyle

Cc: Montrealgotstyle

A good those of Hip Hop, vodka and the beer were flowing everywhere for the guests which made the experience something to remember (or some things you forget the next day). Believe me when I say this, you’ve never mixed vodka properly until you’ve mixed it with Fresca (ask my new favourite barman).


Gabriel Bachand & Jeremy Wilde (right side of the picture) on how grooming and fashion were never mean’t to be seperated


Orange Is The New Black (…seriously!)


Trade Your Rock Band T-shirts For A Hoody With A Patch


The Turtle Neck For Rebels


This new Kata Fashion collection is all about colours, describing a feeling to stand out and the challenges that our generation is facing. The use of the word ”Unlovable” is something we can all relate to especially in a day and age where relationships are more digital than organic.

We have interviews coming up about what inspired Mr. Bachand’s new collection but before thatwe wanted to make sure you have a glimpse of the event. Here you’ll find our little recap.


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