Capture Your Favorite Summer Moments With This Upcoming Polaroid Instant Digital Camera

Capture Your Favorite Summer Moments With This Upcoming Polaroid Instant Digital Camera!

The Good Old Days In A New Way!

Don’t Wait Until You Get Home To See How Last Night Was Mad Real, Do It Now With A Polaroid Instant Digital Camera!

Summer is here , birds are chirping early in the morning, the terraces will soon fill everybody’s timeline and a Polaroid instant digital camera will help you capture all of that.

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I believe in two things in life: a digital picture will never replace the feeling of having a physical photo album BUT going to your local photo place to develop those pictures is a solid waste of time (especially for the selfie maniacs).

This is where the Polaroid Pop comes to the rescue with a solution that combines the best of both worlds. Indeed, this Polaroid instant digital camera allows its user to take pictures and print them instantly in their classic 3X4 format!

How it Works

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The Polaroid Pop connects to your mobile device via Wi-Fi through a free Polaroid app. The Polaroid instant digital camera takes care of the rest which means you can apply filters before printing,  print in full colors or with three different colours.

The printed pictures come out in 1 minute or less and all the content stays in the SD card if you want to post them later. Imagine having the possibility to give one of those iconic 3×4 format pictures instantly as a gift to your love ones or to someone you’ve just met (networking might never be the same right?!)

The Polaroid Pop experience to me is all about capturing moments and feeling them on a more personal level.

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 There’s a difference between having to search in your various Facebook posts for those precious moments versus having them in the palm of your hand whenever you want to reminisce.


The Features

The Polaroid Pop has several features that adds even  more cool points to the device. You’ll see why it’s definitely a good choice to make sure you don’t miss any occasion to capture moments this summer!

3.97-inch touchscreen LCD for framing shots and navigating the camera’s menu 

1080p full HD video recording

-Micro SD card  storage (up to 128 GB)

-Very light device (remember how those devices use to be H-U-G-E)

-Print pictures in 1 minute AND in full colours (because time is money right?! )

-20 Mega Pixels!

Watch Now !

When & How Much ?

So far Polaroid haven’t set a date of release yet nor a price for the Polaroid Pop. Until the official release, you can still put your hands on their previous products such as the Polaroid Snap Touch but we strongly suggest you to wait for this one instead!

What do you think about this all-in-one solution for instant digital pictures? In which occasion would you use it and why?

Let us know in the comment section now!


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