Discover Kata Fashion, A Rebel Player In The Montreal Streetwear Scene

He might be the next big thing coming out of Montreal

Discover Kata Fashion  A Rebel Player In The Montreal Streetwear Scene

Kata Fashion, A Rebel In The Montreal Streetwear Scene

The Montreal streetwear scene has had its fair share of flash in the pan in the last decade. Brands like Atelier New Regime, 3 Paradis, Naked & Famous and a few others have become household names worldwide. A fair question is : Who’s next?

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We have a couple brands in mind but we would like to focus  on one that has at least 4 or 5 years under the belt.

Back in the obscure days of Instagram just popping up, Montrealgotstyle was just an Instagram page and I was just a guy who loves fashion (and still does).

I’ve created this account and wanted to promote people’s style that I liked or found inspiring.

Gabriel Bachand caught my attention earlier on.

You know the myth that designers don’t know how to dress? Well Gabriel is the exception to the rule.

To the point where we’ve invited him a couple years ago for a photoshoot organized to make meet ups with our community and build.

We did an interview with Gabriel at the very beginning of both of our careers.

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Two takeaways. 1-this soon-to-be-full-on-designer was quite shy about speaking on his brand.2-I didn’t know how to hold a goddam camera!

Fast forward in 2019, I have an online media company that hires videographers and now Mr. Bachand has a brand that kinda speaks for itself (not bad huh?!).

Indeed, Kata Fashion speaks to the spirits of the time; and is  more often a reflection how its designer feels.

Slogans like ”Unlovable”, a cross between punk culture, cozy boys vibes, military supplies and various streetwear currents are coming together.

The brand still manage to get an identity of its own, they say proudly ”I’m A Rebel Tse!?

I wanted to give you guys the back story first because it shows you how much work has been put into building this brand.

With over 10 000 followers on Instagram, the Kata Fashion has spread like wildfire by having some of the key influencers in Montreal rocking the brand proudly.

From editor in chief of Ton Barbier, Alexandre Turcotte, House99′ s, Jeremy Wilde and many more have contributed to making the brand a movement rather than just clothes.

Consistency and dedication made it successful too.

Infiltrating the barber scene, the party scene, the fashion enthusiasts was a slow process but it paid off.

Kata Fashion as a brand gave the montreal streetwear scene more than clothes. Fanny packs, retro glasses and more recently rings and tote bags, it is now a lifestyle brand

I knew Gabriel was up to something when he rocked the stage at Festival De Mode & Design along with other creators for a special with Ton Barbier.

Now stamped by the biggest fashion festival in Canada, a worldwide takeover seems like the next move for the young creative.

Is he the next emerging designer from our city? I think he has to drive to make it happen but only time will tell.

Until then, we’re keeping our eyes on this rebel WITH a cause (eye emoji included).

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