A Montreal Barber Launches The 1st Official House 99 Barbershop In The World

Montreal is making a worldwide impact once again but in the barber world

A Montreal Barber Launches The 1st Official House 99 Barbershop In The World

Jeremy Wilde: More Than A Montreal Barber

As a Montreal barber, Jeremy Wilde has always found a way to stand out from the crowd.  The barber life is more like a second nature for the young entrepreneur/influencer and now he’s taking it to the next level with his own barbershop BUT there’s a twist.

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House 99, David Beckham’s men’s grooming product line brought by L’Oréal Canada, has had his fair share of brand ambassadors including Jeremy Wilde.

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Cc: L’Oréal Canada


Perhaps his creative insight, influence in the barber circuit and his previous work at prestigious barbershops such as Maison Privée gave the brand a different appeal.

It seems like House 99 is  willing to place a huge bet on the young Montreal Barber.

Indeed, in partnership with L’Oréal Canada, they’re opening a House 99 barbershop in Montreal with Mr. Wilde as the co-owner.

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Cc: L’Oréal Canada

Jeremy Wilde is opening his very first barbershop as a co-owner named The Wilde Cutting Club in partnership with the L’Oreal brand, House 99 by David Beckham.

Not only he will manage the team at the barbershop but this location also becomes the first flagship store worldwide for the brand.

If you’ve ever doubted Montreal’s ability to be a trendsetter worldwide, this is where Jeremy Wilde proves that WE ARE indeed the men for the job.

The Wilde Cutting Club Barbershop in partnership with House99 will be officially launched on March 21st (Thursday).

Wilde Cutting Club

Address: 5125 Sherbrooke. W


maison privée, l'oréal canada, david beckham, jeremy wilde, montreal clippers

Cc: L’Oréal Canada


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