Last Night I Dreamed That I Was The New Frank Underwood And Here’s Why

The Frank Way Of Life

Last Night I Dreamed That I Was The New Frank Underwood And Here  8217 s Why

Frank Underwood, Your New Life Coach For a Quick Boss Up!

It’s weird sometimes what can inspire you in life but for some strange reasons I identify a lot with Frank Underwood. Many things in his mindset and vision have that “I want to be like this guy” effect on me(when you take away all the killing part of course).

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For those who don’t know about Frank Underwood, he’s a fictionnal character from a tv show called “House of Cards“. The show evolves mostly around Frank’s journey to become the president of the United States. It also gives us an overview of the political world with all the dirty tactics and power moves they use for their rise to power.

I heard rumors that the show will be cancelled before the 5th season. I was biting my nails to the bones until they cleared that up. The new season will actually be launched on May 30th (yeah god is that great). To be honest, like most of the die hard fans of “House Of Cards”, I had a huge question mark on my face after the last season.

Frank house of cards francis underwood


The subconscious works in mysterious ways, I don’t know if it’s because I was intensely thinking about how the new season will turn out but I literally made the same dream 3 nights in a row. In my dream, I’ve let Frank be my life coach for a day and the outcome was crazy.

Warning: I’m not insane

As crazy as it sounds, I’ve dreamed that I was reincarnated as Frank Underwood himself living my day to day life through his approach. In my dream, I saw my boss get tossed in the bushes Underwood style, my wife was a HOT asian version of Claire Underwood. With a new sense of confidence and mastery, I could feel for a second that I had the world in the palm of my hand.

Before “the butchery begins” as Frank would say, we will overview the key lessons that makes Frank Underwood your all time favourite baddass!

1 Never Let Your Circumstances Determine You

Frank underwood quote

Cc: Netflix

Frank doesn’t come from a rich family and he had an abusive father (he even peed on his father’s grave goddam it!) but he turned those circumstances around and built himself from the ground up.

Whatever obstacles or failed power moves attempts he’s facing, Underwood turns the table around, strategize and comes back like the boss he is. I think those key moments in the show got to me because sometimes my first idea is to give up in such situations. Now I believe that those situations could’ve been handled better if I had activited the Frank Underwood in me(we all have one).

2 Don’t Trust Every Smile You Meet


Cc: Netflix

“Trust issues” is more than just a Drake song, it’s something you have to face everyday of your life. Frank Underwood is not an exception to this rule and he understands that very well(too well actually).

You never know who is out there to get you or to double cross you so be careful! Even though Underwood may look like he’s paranoid at times, I still think that his approach is what gives him the advantage on everybody else.

Adversity is just around the corner sometimes, so I think it’s a good thing to keep a “expect the best but prepare for the worst” type of mentality through whatever you do.

3 F**ck The Rules

Frank underwood house of cards

Cc: Netflix

 Even if you only watched one episode or just 15 minutes of “House Of Cards”, there is one thing you understand from the get go: It’s Frank’s way or no way. We all get caught up at times, society wants us to behave a certain way, our job requires certain codes or sometimes it’s social pressure that kicks in.

The truth about all this is the fact that you have to set your own rules and you have to live with it regardless. Frank kills people, manipulate others and crush his opponents with no mercy and he enjoys it (that’s why we watch the show in the first place right?)

Of course I would not recommend you to use Frank’s methods but his mindset is still a blueprint to follow.

To conclude, I would like to emphacize on the fact that you don’t have to look up only to fictionnal characters to unleash the baddass in you. There’s a Frank Underwood in every city, neigborhood, office and even in you!

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