5 Fashion Highlights From Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 5

Yeezus Walk Through The Runway Again!

5 Fashion Highlights From Kanye West  8217 s Yeezy Season 5

Kanye West Is Back At Again With The Yeezy Season 5

The new Yeezy Season 5 collection finally brings a moment where Kanye is making the headlines for all the right reasons why we love him. The rapper turned designer demonstrated once again his creativity and his ability to revamp classics with his own touch.

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It seems like Yeezy understood that he had something to prove on this, a challenge since the previous chaotic months he went through. (that 30 minutes rant was still epic)

Yeezy Season 5 : No More Drama, Just Genius

The “Jesus Walk” rapper made his great return on the fashion scene with his new Yeezy Season 5. Indeed, Kanye took over the New York Fashion Week catwalk to present his latest collaboration with Adidas with what seem to be a “politicaly correct” presentation.

The previous seasons were charged with controversy or backlash but for this one it seems like everything went down without any trouble (so far).

Our Thoughts About The New Yeezy Season 5 Collection

Today we will overview 5 fashion highlights from Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 5.

«that track suits is definitely a dope piece, you can never go wrong with burgundy!»

Yeezy season 5 photos 14

Cc: via Sneaker News

«Kanye has his coat game crazy and so does his new collection!»

adidas Kanye Coat NYFW

Cc: via Sneaker News

«Fur was, is and will forever be a fashion statement»(has long as they don’t come from real animals tho!)

Yeezus Fur coat 3 stripes

Cc: Via Sneaker News

$Cc: via sneaker news $

«Simplicity and functionnaly is the essence of this new collection. You’ll never run out of pockets!»

Life of pablo new york fashion week

Cc: via Sneaker News

«This piece has to be somekind of dedication to the Amber Rose days»

Kanye West Yeezy Season 4 hijab

Cc: via Sneaker News

I think Kanye left the «hunger games» behind him even though I still believe that the first season was still a dope collection. I can already foreshadow the criticism about the prices but at the end Kanye is still the man of the hour. He’s definitely getting into a creative space where he found the balance between his desire to go out of the norm and the public overal taste.

We hope to hear more from Mr West and his new collection but since it was a NYFW exclusive runway we won’t get to know much that soon.

Let us know what do you think about our highlights! Would you rock some of the pieces or you had other pieces in mind?

Let us know in the comment section!

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