Now Playing: 3 New Kaytranada Songs To Start The Week On The Right Foot

Kaytra Still Got It!

Now Playing  3 New Kaytranada Songs To Start The Week On The Right Foot

3 New Kaytranada Songs To Keep Your Energy Flowing This Week!

You know it has to be good news when an article headlines starts off with “New Kaytranada Songs” because the southshore producer knows how to make an impact whenever he lets some gems get out of the vault.

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Kaytranada is an international producer/artist originally from the southshore who made an incredible name for himself in the music industry.

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From working with Madonna, Alicia Keys, Mobb Deep and most recently Anderson Paak, Kaytranada is pushing the culture forward.

Indeed, the “Glowed Up” producer has established a unique sound mixing Electro Music, Soul and Hip Hop in a way we’ve never heard before.

While everybody was resting during the labor day week-end (august 1s-to 4th), the young producer decided to release 3 songs in a row and as usual the world went crazy!

Today we will make you discover 3 new Kaytranada songs to start the week on the right foot (and get your groove on too!)

1# 2017-38

good vibes and a possible life introspection is what you get with this track. The real talent of producer is to create a story with a beat regardless of which vocals might give it an actual format in the future.

This beat right definitely has a lot to say and all the elements are here to let your imagination create the story!

#2 2017 09 01 -Sus

Versatility is what make Kaytranada songs unique and timeless. This time around, it seems like he moved away from his usual formula with that 50 Cent/G-unit sound that could easily be the next masterpiece for any East Coast rapper.

This is yet another proof that you can’t put Kaytra’s creativity in a box!

#3 2017 07 04

Mixing sounds and musical influences are a major part of Kaytranada’s work and stayed consistent with it once more.

This groovy track is the perfect “Best Of Both Worlds“.  It has all the different elements of his previous catalog and it still has that “Play It Anywhere” factor; your road trips will never be the same!

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What Do You Think?

Since the release of his album 99.9%, the young artist is now taking over the world beat after beat. What makes a Kaytranada song unique to you? What’s your favorite song from the producer?

Let us know in the comment section now!


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