Are We (The Fans) Responsible For Cardi B and Nicki Minaj’s Fallout?

What A Time To Be Online!

Are We  The Fans  Responsible For Cardi B and Nicki Minaj  8217 s Fallout

Cardi B And Nicki Minaj, A Never-Ending-Saga We’ve Created!

Hip Hop has to be THE most competitive, dangerous at times, art form ever and artists such as Cardi B and Nicki Minaj reminded us why. Indeed, last week the tension  escalated to the point where Cardi B almost turned New York Fashion Week into a George Bush moment by throwing her shoe at Nicki.

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Hip Hop, as competitive as it is, has always been worst for female rappers. Ever since the rise of the Mc Lights, Queen Latifahs, Salt-N-Peppas of the world. The industry made sure to only keep ONE female artist in the limelight.

Don’t get me wrong, male rappers also have their top tier artists. Perhaps, it seems like they have similar success at least in terms of respect, representation and stardom.

When a female rapper is on top, she smashes everything. She gets all the Grammys, the accolades, the plays/views and TV appearances. That’s not my conspiracy-theory-brain telling me this, it’s something they’re all aware of.

Nicki Minaj is the perfect example of how this system can either work for or against you. From 2008 to 2016, Nicki won almost EVERYTHING that had to do with being a female rapper.

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Was she the only female rapper at the time? Hell no! Did she had serious competition? To be honest after Lil Kim went M.I.A, there were only veterans left or aspiring artists without the MACHINE behind them.

the MACHINE being major label push, radio connections and placements. Those things solidified Nicki Minaj as an artist.

At a time when talent and your label ”having your back” made you either a star or a has been. Nicki went for the throne, chilled there for a decade but then something unexpected came like a slap in the face.

Sometimes volatile, unpredictable, ground breaking, enormous & unfuckwithable. Yes, you got it! I’m talking about THE INTERNET. That thing made you spot paying attention to TV.

That thing made 106 & Park irrelevant. That thing made you turn to Instagram or Twitter for what’s and who’s hot. Now we had access to these celebrities. We wanted more than music, we wanted to see personality from them.

Can you make us laugh? Make us cry? Inspire us through pictures of your lavish lifestyle we can’t afford? We wanted a connection.

It was ”Bye Bye” gatekeepers and every artist could now get what pays the most: attention. Cardi B‘s come up is a the testament of that.

”There’s a parallel between the Blockbuster and Netflix situation

and the Cardi B and Nicki Minaj mess.”

It’s the old way of doing things against the new wave. It might be the only time in history that two female rappers share the spotlight at the same time.

One is backed by being a veteran/legend with a loyal fan base. The other one is backed by being the underdog and new hot thing. One thing’s for sure, us as the public, we’re here for the drama.

Cardi B only had Bodak Yellow and people were like; ”Nicki Who?!”. No album out yet and people were like: ”She’s better!”.

cardi b and nicki minaj, hip hop beef, card b fight nicki minaj

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If me, a little Montrealer cooling on his laptop, was shocked; imagine Nicki. First time having real competition, first time being in a corner and with the karma points of a decade of terrorizing the industry guess what?! You PANIC.

Those artists wasn’t used to get our feedback in real time. Wasn’t used to get killed for their fuck-ups. the internet aka us the public have more power than ever.

We made them care about album sales beyond money. We made them care about who’s on top. When WE decide that you’re on your way out, you can’t escape (a hit can save you though).

Cardi B and Nicki Minaj both have their respective lanes. One will go down as a lyricist, top 5 dead or alive while the other one might go down as a huge all around entertainer.

We were trying to compare Amarula with Baileys guys. One cost more, one taste better, one is packaged better but at the end of the day it’s all subjective (it’s still Baileys or die trying though).

WE dictate the game now.We make you pop, us the consumer. So if Nicki Minaj went Patrick Bateman  on us while Cardi B went Triple H, we are to blame partially.

Finally, cause damn this could turn into a thesis. Cardi B and Nicki Minaj are the living example of how toxic the competitive spirit in Hip Hop can get. How the industry pushes artists against each other for record sales or to get one artist completely wiped out.

Above all, isn’t it ironic how Nicki is now the one getting ”Lil Kim’Ed”?





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