Russ Vitale Is The Does It All Rapper Your Playlist Been Waiting For

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Russ Vitale Is The Does It All Rapper Your Playlist Been Waiting For

What If Russ Vitale Was The Real Leader Of The New School?

Russ Vitale is often perceived as an overnight success when in fact, the young artist has almost 10 years worth of hustle and dedication on his plate.

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Indeed, the  “Losing Control” rapper has just released his first album which went gold during summertime with no features on top of that (watch out J-Cole!).

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The reason why we call Russ  a “Does It All Rapper” is because he literally  “Does It All“. This young prodigy is setting the blueprint for any upcoming artist who has a DIY mentality.

Russ raps.

Russ sings.

Russ produces his own tracks.

Russ writes his own lyrics.

Russ mixes and masters his own tracks.

Russ Is Russ!

Who’s Russ Vitale?

Russell Vitale is a rapper/singer born in New Jersey but raised in Atlanta. Growing up in those two different musical backgrounds, who knows how geography may had an impact on his music.

Despite being raised in Atlanta the rapper mentioned numerous times that he was influenced by G-Unit & Enimem. Russ has dissociated himself from ATL’s sound with his unique style through every aspect of his music.

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Production wise, the beats are not as southern as many would expect them to be. He also contrasts raw flows with a singing ability that makes you feel like it’s two different Russ on the same track.

Russ is bringing the real meaning of DIY to life with his music production process. Indeed, he figured out pretty quickly that in order to be in control he had to do everything by himself.

The reason why we call Russ  a “Does It All Rapper” is because he literally “Does It All

The rapper invested close to 10 years of his blood, sweat in tears into his career and it paid off. In 2014, Russ took Soundcloud by storm and uploaded a new song once a week with consistency and innovation.

As an artist you need to spread the word about your music as much as you can. Although he came from the bottom Russ wasn’t shy to admit that he used to constantly reach out to several blogs to get a mention only to face closed doors and rejections.

Russ Vitale kept it going and then the world went crazy when he  subsequently dropped “What They Want” & “Losing Control“. Both songs charted very well on the Billboard with no backing from a label nor a major distribution company.

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Now with a partnership with Columbia records, this 24 year old artist is ready to take over the world! He’s also a part of a group called Diemon and I think we will hear more from his teammates in a near future too.

His album “There’s Really A Wolf” has been certified gold within the summer it dropped which is already a statement for Russ’ career.

Here are 3 songs from Russ that will set your playlist on fire (thank us later though)

#1 The Game

Drake surely showed the world that even a singing artist can’t be mess with when it comes to bars. Russ is carrying the torch on that track while he goes in details on what “The Game” is about.


#2 Take It All In

Versatility is Russ’ best asset and this track is the proof!

#3 Do It Myself

This track pretty much sums up what Russ is about, his drive and hunger. We hear the young rapper literally expressing what it took for him to get there.

Russ is also a strong advocate of independence for artists and calling out the BS on the music industry. His recent appearance on Everyday Struggle made quite a few headlines and Russ kept it real through it all.

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