3 Reasons Why Everyday Struggle By Joe Budden And Dj Akademiks Is The Best Show On Earth!

Hip Hop With No Filter!

3 Reasons Why Everyday Struggle By Joe Budden And Dj Akademiks Is The Best Show On Earth

Joe Budden And Dj Akademiks Are Making Hip Hop Journalism Matter Again!

What if I told you that Joe Budden and Dj Akademiks are bringing something almost as entertaining than what we had in the Rapcity days? What if I told you that both, Joe Budden And Dj Akademiks, spill the tea on your favourite artists and open crazy debates about what’s going on in Hip Hop?

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Yes ladies and gentlemen, the new  show called “Everyday Struggle” by Joe Budden And Dj Akademiks under Complex News is giving us some serious insights about the In and the Outs of the industry!

Two Titans reunited to bring us unfiltered and raw opinions about album flops, who’s dominating the game, the key moments in Hip Hop and the hottest news.

Today we will overview the 3 reasons why you will eventually become a fan of “Everday Struggle” (even if you don’t know it yet)

1.Joe Budden And Dj Akademiks Are Masters Of The “No Fucks Given” Mode

complex news joe budden and dj akademiks

Cc: Complex

Dj Akademiks and Joe Budden were already savages in their respective platforms. At first, I thought that Complex would advise them change their format to be politically correct but thanks to common sense,  they gave us exactly what we were looking for: something real and pure!

Dj Akademiks has dominated youtube with his different channels and always committed himself to give his real opinion about the topics he presents . He is the master of satire, he will easily make fun of certain rappers, nickname them to death and comment on their good or bad moves with a brutal honesty.

Even though he’s a part of the younger generation of Hip Hop fans, he has a large view of what’s going on in hip hop! Akademiks represents us, the regular Hip Hop fans, and he’s not afraid to say publicly what people would normally hush.

Joe Budden made a name for himself again with his sick podcast calledI’ll name this podcast later  . Joe is like our insider in the industry which gives him a  powerful voice to discuss about what’s really happening in hip hop and how our favourite artists really operate in certain situations.

He’ll give you what you need to know in an artist’s perspective and he’s a veteran so it’s great to have his two cents about things.

2. Their Analyses Are On Point

Joe and Dj Ak are not here to make friends in the hip hop community. They deliver us the truth regardless of who might get offended.

I can give you thousands of examples where they were 100% right in their analyzes. For example, they said Wale is a phenomenal artist but he’s more concerned about being considered has a top artist than delivering the music we love him for.

They’ve highlighted many things about Nicki Minaj’s not being relevant music wise for the past 2-3 years and how her brand saved her career from the beefs she recently had.

As you can see, they never hold back or sugar coat anything which is amazing in a politically correct day and age!

Like I said, in “Everyday Struggle“, you will get heated debates about the current state of hip hop and a deeper understanding about what’s going on!

3. The Old VS The New Generation

dj akademiks complex news

Cc: Dj akademiks instagram

Hip hop has recently entered in a conflict of generations that is more and more apparent. Artists like Lil Yatchy has sparked the hard criticisms of veteran rappers and entertainers and the young generation doesn’t hold their disdain for what people call “real hip hop”

This same reality is reflected in the show with Joe Budden and Dj Akademiks. Dj Akamediks represents the new generation which is separated by growing up with artists like Jay-z or 50 Cent but still listen and acknowledge the influence of artists like Migos or Drake.

Joe Budden used to rap in the golden era of hip hop when mainstream and conscious rap had to perfectly balanced. This gives Mr. Budden a perspective in which he will pinpoint what’s missing in the game and what the new generation sometimes lack in their music.

To conclude, I’d like to give Complex a solid shoutout for putting this show together. I appreciate the fact that they kept the hosts’ identity intact in the process. I think this initiative is refreshing and necessary for Hip Hop culture right now.

We needed a media outlet to open debates about Hip Hop and it had to be a show where the hosts shouldn’t hold back because as you know in the media world, things can escalate quickly!

What do you think about the show so far? What topic should they talk about in the next episodes?

Give us your opinion in the comment section now!


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