Bring Back Your Inner 90s Baby With Those Classic Anthems


Bring Back Your Inner 90s Baby With Those Classic Anthems

You’re Not A Real 90s Baby If You Didn’t Hear Those Anthems!

Hi my dear 90s baby I have the weird pleasure to announce to you that you and I we’re not getting any younger these days (in case you didn’t notice yet).

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Beside being the years where the coolest human beings were born, the 90s is the golden era for everything you can think of. From science, music, culture & fashion ; the 90’s were the blueprint and the rest was an improvement.

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If you were born between 1989 and 1994, you’re a glitch in the timeline of life period. On one part you’re old enough to know that “It Was All A Dream” but still young enough to understand that Young Thug revolutionized the quote on quote rapper image (in his own way).

For all my other 90s baby born after 1995, we can debate all we want but you couldn’t live it the way we lived it. Generations gaps are at an all time high sometimes for the best and often times for the worst.

Today, we’re speaking specifically for the reader who wants to take a trip down memory lane. The reader looking for his roots back in a world of auto tune & fast food music (I’m barely kidding)

Yes ladies and gents! Today we will bring back the 90s classics that made you the 90s baby you are today! (we got them slow jams too for the ladies)

#1 Notorious B.I.G-Big Poppa (1994)

The catchy beat and the first verse are legendary. Now that we’re all grown up we know very well what happens at “The Bar Around 2“!

#2 Nirvana-Smells Like Teen Spirits

Grunge music, Nirvana, Kurt Kobain, Kurt Cobain’s Glasses and so on. This track was like a rush of adrenaline straight to your ears.

The song aged very well and still remain a beast mode activator.

#3 Dr Dre Ft Snoop Dog- Still Dre

Still Dre” probably has the most epic music intro of all time. If you remember them Kazaa days, you also remember going back to the first seconds of the song over and over right?!

STILL great!

#4 Buju Banton-Champion

Reggea & Dancehall music is influential the Hip Hop genre like never before but we can’t sleep on the pioneers!

Banton came up with this song that gave you a boost of energy in the morning, on the road or at night. In the 90s, Buju was the king of the replay value if you ask me.

#5 Aaliyah-Hot Like Fire

The gone too soon princess of RnB had the 90s on smash! Her voice, style and beauty created the standard for RnB divas.

She also gave us that legendary Timbaland Sound.

#6 Tupac-Hit Em Up

Tupac is a legend period but making the first diss track you can party to is what certified is legacy even more!

#7 Eminem- My Name Is

We all have to give credit to Eminem for bringing comedy and controversy in Hip Hop like we never seen before!

#9 BackStreet Boys-BackStreet Back

All those sleepovers, the elementary school dances and countless hours we spent singing this song in front of a mirror.

They are the blueprint for what a boys band should look like!

#10 Michael Jackson- Remember The Time

Michael Jackson can never be replaced. What he brought to music and the world at large was so pure.

This is the type of songs that will never be played out and aged very well (actually it doesn’t sound old at all).  

#Bonus:  “Hey Arnold” Theme Song (you know we had to)

Not an actual song but there was something about this show and its opening song that made you want to tune in all the time.

We all had a Helga at one point or another !

What Do You Think?

Of course we didn’t had ALL the 90s best music but we’re pretty proud of this list! Did we miss out on a major classic anthem? What would be your all time favorite playlist as a 90s baby?

Let us know in the comment section now!


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