Nipsey’s Victory Lap Is The Hottest Thing On Spotify This Month (So Far)

That Album Is Fire Emoji!

Nipsey  8217 s Victory Lap Is The Hottest Thing On Spotify This Month  So Far

Nipsey Hussle Is Bringing A Soon-To-Be-Classic On Spotify!

Nipsey Hussle recently dropped a bomb on Hip Hop and while the media only focuses on his opinion about Cardi B, his project remains the hottest thing on Spotify right now!

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Mr ”Before Rap My Last Name Was My Lifestyle” peeped my interest since I first heard him with Drake on the killa track ironically called ”Killa”. Fast forward today, Nip is back with an album that gives me a new portrait of the artist.


He had a lot to prove, a lot to say and you can feel it. Whoever said Meek Mill has the best intros of all time never heard ”Victory Lap”. Whoever said Rick Ross has a great ear for beats probably never heard ”Blue Laces 2”.

The list goes on like this forever, forever, ever, ever, ever (as the pre-Kardashian Kanye would say).

This Album Is The Closest You’ll Get From A Westcoast Mc Who Can Transit From Hustler Tales, To Gangbanging Stories,

Investment Tips, Club Anthems or Just Flexin on ”Rap Niggas” Cause Well, Nip Can Do Everything!


Executive produced by Diddy and 16 tracks to vibe to. This album shows a rapper’s effort to put out something cohesive and of replay value. You feel the pictures painted in ”Blue Laces 2”, the world is yours on ”Victory Lap” and Nipsey held his own with Kendrick on ”Dedication”.

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