The Motivation Of A Kid : Bilo Da Kid In His Own Words

The Motivation Of A Kid   Bilo Da Kid In His Own Words

Bilo Da Kid Opens Up About Everything!

A few weeks ago, we got candid with one of Montreal’s golden boys, Bilo Da Kid. Some may have heard about his checkered past but we got the opportunity to dig a little deeper about his family, friends and current projects.

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Bilo is more than just a regular local rapper at this point. He was carrying a torch at one point of his career where the top seemed so close for him. We were amazed by this artist’s tenacity and raw talent because even after his 9 and a half year sentence in prison, Da Kid still had it!

His flow, his style and the production level he has are so in tune with what’s going on in hip hop right now. For this interview, we really wanted to bring different sides of Bilo Da Kid.  We wanted to show you Bilo Da Kid the man, Bilo Da Kid, the artist and so on. As funny as it sounds, there were times in the interview where we felt like we unleashed event the kid inside Bilo.

Inside The Interview

As an artist and a man what was really transparent in this interview is how he managed to mature over his bad experiences. For us and a lot of people in the city, Bilo is definitely an artist with all the potential, talent and recognition to put the city on the map. Now close to his 30’s , Bilo Da Kid is back like he never left with the work ethic and the passion of a true artist.

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