4 Montreal Rappers You Should Stop Sleeping On Now

4 Montreal Rappers You Should Stop Sleeping On Now!


Montreal Rappers With A Global Influence!

I used to think it was hard for Montreal rappers to get exposure until I finally got the bigger picture. Over the years, we’ve seen the rise of some local rappers to levels of success we couldn’t even imagine just a decade ago.

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Many of them pushed boundaries, represented the city on a global scale and made a name for themselves in various countries in the world but one question remains:

Do Major Media Outlets Snob Montreal Rappers On Purpose?

We all get it at this point, the law 101, the negative image associated with Hip Hop and any valuable excuses they have, we get it!

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What was once a roadblock turned to a “AhAh” moment because now more than ever, media outlets from outside of Montreal are embracing Montreal rappers like their own!

Platforms like Hypebeast, Complex, Fader, IxDaily opened their arms wide and gave Montreal a shot.  Things are slowly but surely getting better but while you were sleeping, there are rappers from your city that were taking the world by storm!

Today we will overview 4 Montreal rappers you should stop sleeping on now! (let’s shake the “arts et culture” research department at Quebecor Media shall we?!)

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1. Nate Husser



Nate Husser is one of those rare artists that found a balance between lyricism and the new dominant sound in Hip Hop. Hit after hit, you never really know which side of Nate you will get.

Songs like “Paid To Party” is where you see his storytelling skills while the song remains a club banger.

With the song “Can’t Blame Em“, Husser invites rappers to step their pen game up.  The song turned out to be a vicious combination of punchlines, syllables and a nasty flow all together (and oh please don’t try to act like this is not the video of the year)

Nate is also part of a group called “The Posterz“. Together they’ve took their brand and the city to a new level by performing at various major concerts & festivals like South By Southwest. From their sound, their style and visuals; it was obvious they were on the road to success.  

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2. Gxlden Child



Sometimes when you choose your nickname as a rapper it can turn into a prophecy in the long run. With a name like Gxlden Child, little did we know but the emcee was on his way to dominate the scene with his sound.

Melodies & an incredible ear for beats is what distinguish this rapper a lot. Every aspect of his music comes from his mind, from the production to when he gets busy on the mic.

The song “Thotful” has to be your late night drive anthem at some point or another. If you truly want to understand how Gxlden Child is highly versatile well this is your “Go To” song!

This Montreal emcee is the hook God and when you thought you couldn’t fall for it once more, the song is already stuck in your mind.  Songs like “It’s Fine” definitely explain what we’re talking about!


3. Kaymbo Shines



Music is powerful, it has either the power to make you have a good time at the club or the power to make you reflect about yourself in order to grow. Kaymbo Shines is the last of a dying breed because of his ability to cross the line over and over.

Indeed, this Montreal rapper went on a journey to establish himself as an artist and he ultimately got noticed for his talent to build songs like no one else can.

Songs like “Running Back” remind you why Kaymbo’s pen game is undeniable. The body of work he was able to put together in his “I Quit My Day Job” EP made it obvious that this artist would be successful in bigger markets.

Indeed Mr. Shines is currently making a killing in Atlanta as a songwriter and producer. Regardless of the success he has behind the scenes,  he’s a talented artist on every level.

When it comes to his solo projects, Kaymbo Shines gives his audience something deeper than music; it’s an experience. He dropped a visual album full of gems, sick concepts and songs that’ll last the test of time because quality music is timeless.

Ps: When an artist burns Jordan 1 breds on camera to make his art more impactful; you have to respect that!

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4. Ceasrock




If you really know your Montreal Hip Hop, you know Ceasrock has to be in your top 5 dead or alive (for real) . Ceas stayed consistent and raw since 2003 which makes him one of those rare veterans to still have a voice in the scene.

R-A-P stands for Rhythm And Poetry and this NDG Prodigy made it his life journey to remind us what the poetry part is about.

Songs like “Don’t Know” explain to the audience that a beat can’t be safe when Ceas is around!

Bars for bars, flows for flows, Ceasrock is gifted to the point where you always feel like you’ve learned something about him, life or even yourself after listening to his work.

Ceasrock represents Montreal to the fullest and especially in his songs. You can hear many references about Montreal’s culture whether it’s through the neighborhoods he talks about, events, names that he mentions and so much more.

His love for the city goes beyond Hip Hop because the emcee uses his platform to promote and raise brand awareness for local designers too. Ceasrock to me is a God emcee with a mic and a montreal logo tatted on his heart.

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What Do You Think?

We know the city is full of amazing rappers waiting to be discovered and this list wouldn’t be enough to feature all of them of course. Do you know any upcoming rapper that should’ve made the list?

Let us know in the comment section now!


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