Geek Street: All The Reasons Why You Will Never Miss Otakuthon Montreal Again

Mangas & Cosplay…What Else Can You Ask For!

Geek Street  All The Reasons Why You Will Never Miss Otakuthon Montreal Again

Otakuthon Montreal : Inside The Next Dimension!

Otakuthon Montreal is the second biggest geek event of the summer. In the Palais des congrès, East and West meet to celebrate Japanese culture.

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For those of you who have never been, it is a true chance to celebrate your inner child and discover new things to love. While such an event may seem daunting to those who have never been, you’ll never find a more welcoming bunch. Visitors are all here to share in what they love and the mood is electrifying. Although the crowds can be a little overwhelming, you’re certain to have a blast.

anima festival crowd cosplay costumes character naturo

Cc: Audrey Lalonde

In the Exhibition Hall were located dozens of vendors offering everything from plushies, to wigs, to socks, to full costumes. Anything you can imagine can be found at Otakuthon Montreal and on the upper floors panels abound. Topics covered ranged from Lolita style to traditional Japanese sword fighting, there is something for everyone.

None of us from Montrealgotstyle had ever visited the event, but were quickly welcomed with open arms by staff and visitors. We were able to talk with many guests, cosplayers and vendors.

I myself have watched anime and read manga since a very young age, and was disappointed that none of the cast or creators from Sailor Moon Crystal were part of the roster, although some of the American and Japanese guests more than made up for it. If you’ve ever watched an episode of Gundam, or read a Dragon Ball manga, there’s something for you to discover at Otakuthon Montreal.

Fashion Discoveries At Otakuthon Montreal

As mentioned above, there was a smorgasbord of things to bring home and show off all the things you’re passionate about while remaining true to your sense of style. The only disappointment I had was that actual manga dealers were few and far between and, as far as I could tell, there wasn’t an anime DVD to purchase on site. That being said, we were amazed by some of the things we could find


The retailer who made the biggest impression on us was the owner and jeweler of Lady Lilleigh’s Little Luxaries who talked to us about her beautiful creations. She told us how years ago, visiting a convention with only twenty dollars in her pocket, she was disappointed not being able to pick a little something up for herself as a souvenir. She soon turned to making her own jewelry and accessories and always makes sure that her pieces are both striking and accessible. She also does custom orders, and her love of her craft transpires in everything she creates.


Audrey Lalonde

Kigurumi specializes in adult onesies, but wowed us with their adorable socks and phone accessories. Located on St-Laurent, they are definitely worth a visit because you’ll find something to cosy up in while watching Netflix, as well as the backpack you never knew you needed. I love how unabashedly and unapologetically cute their products are. Check them out.

Otakuthon Montreal anime festival palais des congrès

Cc: Lea Woodbury

Arsenic x Cyanide sells sick caps that can be worn anywhere. To the uninitiated they don’t obviously show off your geek love but those in the know will definitely want a cap of their own. While they are located in California, they travel across North America to various conventions to offer up their products. They are definitely worth the detour. To top things off, they were one of the few offering Pokémon Go related products. If you’ve reached level five, you’re gonna want to grab a team Mystic cap (because why would you want any other?).

Otakuthon festival anime bande dessiné Montreal fashion accessories

Cc: Audrey Lalonde

Putré-fashion is another unavoidable entry, their retro look is on point, and their clothes and accessories are incomprable. They’ve been in the business since 2009 and are constantly evolving, it’s definitely worth a few minutes to check out what they have to offer.

Lastly, a few others who caught our eye:

Arda Wigs located in Kitchener Ontario, bringing a selection of high quality wigs for more than reasonable prices.

Catherinette Rings for their gorgeous steampunk creations.

For more info on the event check out the Otakuthon webpage and Facebook page.

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