This Nas New Album ”Nasir” Might Be The Best Production By Kanye So Far

It’s Fire!

This Nas New Album   8221 Nasir  8221  Might Be The Best Production By Kanye So Far

The Nas New Album You Can’t Sleep On Anymore

The internet was going on a frenzy yesterday waiting on this Nas new album self titled ”Nasir”. Earlier this week,The Queensbridge’s legend teased a few clips of 7 tracks played at his listening party.

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While rejoicing his comeback, the world also wanted to see if Kanye could really give a new sound to God’s Son. Incredibly enough, both God’s son and Yeezus had a chemistry we definitely didn’t expect.

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To a point where you can tell that Ye possibly wore more than the producer hat for this project. Tracks like ”Everything” are far from what we would usually get from a Nas release; which is still to his benefit.

This Nas new album also has more uptempo beats such as ”Cops Shot The Kid” sampling the insane line from Slick Rick. While we usually assume that Nas can naturally hold his own on slower beats, he definitely left a huge impression on this track specifically.

Yeezy’s influence also very visible in tracks like  ”Everything” if you ask me. It almost sounded like a ”Kanye West Featuring Nas”  joint at one point. They’ve let Kanye takeover a major part of the song and it had his typical instrument arrangements.

Of course the ”Qb true G” emcee brought his lyrical genius from top to bottom.  One thing about Nas, whatever the climate might be, trends or the rapper of the minute; we can count on him to bring the quotables!


” I’m Just Good At Existing”


Honeslty, this 7 songs format imposed by Kanye is not as terrible as you think it is. I’ve often found myself disliking some Nas’ projects because I felt like some songs were fillers or could’ve been left alone.

This time around, this Nas new album goes straight to the point. It seems like he had so much to say but still kept it Nasty Nas.

Exploring more trendy flows while keeping the technical aspect of his rhyme patterns intact. Nas delivered a project up to the times and still kept his integrity as a 90’s emcee.

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Oh and for the haters who once thought it was a valid point to say that Nas doesn’t have an ear for beats, what can ya’ll say now!? I personally hope that people won’t give Kanye too much credit for this great piece of art we’ve received.

At this point, it’s pretty safe to say that so far with the release frenzy that Kanye announced, Nas has secured a #2 or possibly the first place in terms of quality.

The Pusha T joint was nice but there’s something about this Nas album that makes it all debatable. The surprise effect makes a huge difference to Pusha’s defense.

One thing is for sure, Kanye is sadly last so far with his ”Ye” release which was kinda-sorta-most-likely rushed anyway!

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