Lamz Prank Might Be The Biggest Montreal Youtuber Here’s Why

If not the biggest, he’s definitely the funniest Montreal Youtuber the city has!

Lamz Prank Might Be The Biggest Montreal Youtuber Here  8217 s Why

A Montreal Youtuber Like You Never Seen Before

Youtube is such a rabbit hole sometimes, between me watching Unbox Therapy and Everyday Struggle, I’ve found myself clicking on a Lamz Prank’s video, a Montreal Youtuber and what I saw blew my mind.

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Lamz Prank is a Montreal Youtuber that understands one key thing about creating content: consistency.

With close to a hundred uploads in only one year, 300k subscribers and  averaging 50k to a million views per video; Lamz has content for everyone.

From school pranks, vox pops in the street and him telling funny stories in his room; you get a different side of Lamz  Prank every time.

I think what really stands out in his work is the fact that he doesn’t try to play it politically correct; it’s actually the opposite.

As a Montreal Youtuber, you can’t get more MTL than Lamz.

The slangs, topics and even the places he picks for his pranks can connect with anybody in the city.

Questions like ”What Would You Say To Your Ex?”, farting at the supermarket, or even pretending to be a manager at Mc Donald’s with a borrowed uniform.

Nothing is off limits for Lamz and the public enjoys it.


Some of his work reminds me of another group of Youtubers I used to follow called Nelk. Sorta like Lamz Prank the group will often find themselves in crazy situations.

If you follow this Montreal Youtuber adventures you will soon realize tha he also gets mixed up in pranks gone wrong, people getting upset and even his comment section gets saucy at times which we totally like!

If you’re looking for a good laugh, funny reactions and Montrealers being Montrealers, Lamz’ channel is the place to be.

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