Vibes New York : A Fingerlicking Experience

2 Words : Chicken & Waffles

Vibes New York   A Fingerlicking Experience

Vibes New York Is A Taste Of The Caribbean In The American Way

The best part about going back and forth from Montreal to New York is meeting cool people certainly, but especially cool places like Vibes New York.

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In our last trip to New York, we met Mr. Luc R. Stephen; the owner of an upscale club/restaurant in New York called Vibes.

vibes new york



Was it luck or was it meant to be? Who knows! One thing is for sure, Mr. Stephen took us all the way down to 143-06 Liberty Avenue in Queens to discover this gem. You never know where life will take you right? I would never have imagined that I would one day stand in the same place that celebrities such as Ashanti, Lil Durk , Jadakiss Nipsey Hussle and many more call their favourite.

This restaurant has such an incredible reputation, decor and atmosphere in New York that even VH1 took it to shoot several scenes of their most successful reality show: Love And Hip Hop


On The Menu At Vibes New York



What I like about Mr Stephen is that he treated us like he would treat any of his clients celeberity or: with courtesy, generosity and respect. Aromas danced in the air, the friendly staff helped us understand the true meaning of “VIBE”; you can feel it the minute you step in. People starred at us with curiosity and joy since we were some of their first clients from Montreal. This spot combined both intimacy and a relaxed atmosphere, a must in any high-end venue.





Vibes is a restaurant where imagination and creativity are served on every plate. It’s a taste of the caribean with every bite as they offer rasta pastas, a wide variety of meat, lobster, shrimp and seafood choices to last you a century. Not being a fan of seafood myself I must pay hommage to their chef for combining marinades and ingredients that definitely changed my perception forever. If you ever have the chance to visit, I strongly recommend their salmon; it is absolutely devine.



Vibes also offers crazy desert combinations such as the infamous “Caramel Banana Waffle”. You know what our brothers accross the border do, they add some chicken wings just to make sure you won’t fit in any your clothes back in Montreal.

waffle and chicken strawberry dessert


Anytime of day, for any occasion, whether it’s for brunch, takeout or just to have good time; Vibes will take care of you. Funny thing is, you probably thought that going there might break the bank, but even though huge celebrities often visit, their prices range from 6 to 26$. Perfect when travelling on a budget.

The life of the party

Vibes is also of course a nightclub. There the party and lituation are guaranteed. It’s not unusual to get for a few drinks and then randomly bump into your favourite artist like it was a commonplace occurence. They have a sick selection of DJs from all over the city that hit the the 1’s and the 2’s. Of course good music always means good vibes. Unfortunately for us, on this trip we couldn’t experience the club, but stay tuned, we’ll definitely be back for a visit.


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