James Cb Gray : Harlem’s Anchorman & Black Activist

No Justice, No Peace!

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Meet James Cb Gray, a black activist, leader and businessman from Harlem.

In our trip to Harlem, we had the chance to meet with a phenomenal upcoming black activist:  James Cb Gray.

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James is an actor, businessman, historian, activist, philantropist and producer from New York. James was the one who connected us with Reverend Al Sharpton and his organisation.

James Cb Gray, The Man

Cc: Rachelle Arthur Photography

Cc: Rachelle Arthur Photography

Mr Gray juggles between talks at the NAN, being the head director of several organisations and businesses, producing documentaries and meetings at the White House. A fair question would be : When does James stops? He would probably laugh in his unique way and say : “NEVER”

James is a man that commits himself to his goals and it’s easy to see when you think about the fact that he managed to be a military officer, an actor, a chairman, a documentary producer and making this world a better place for minorities; all in the same decade. His success journey made him work with or cross path with the most iconic designers, political leaders and artists ever such as Kanye West,Cam’ronand Barrack Obama just to name a few. There’s one thing that really resonated with me throughout our conversations; I was impressed by his ability to follow his drive and intuition. For an example, at one point of his life James was confronted to a difficult choice. His boss at the time told him that if he attends another audition instead of fulfilling his job duties he would be fired on the spot. After countless auditions, James took the risk for this ONE audition knowing that he would lost his regular job. At the end, it was that audition that gave him his breakthrough in the industry and he never worked for someone else since.

Harlem lives at the pace of his heartbeat there’s no debate on that. James made us discover Harlem on so many different aspects such as their connection to fashion, their entrepreneurial spirit and their bond as community that makes Harlem a place where the fight for civil rights is still a priority. He even showed us historic places such as the park where New Jack City was filmed 20 years ago.

Cc: New Jack City The Movie

Cc: New Jack City The Movie

James Cb Gray In His Own Words

Part 1 : his life, black activism and meeting Al Sharpton for the first time

Part 2 : education, keys to success and fashion in Harlem

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