Dj Akademiks Breaks The Internet With His New Single Blues Clues

The Song Is Actually Dope

Dj Akademiks Breaks The Internet With His New Single Blues Clues

Dj Akademiks Got One?

Dj Akademiks is by far the new headliner when it comes to Hip Hop media. With an incredible growing fanbase on Youtube, his show Everday Struggle and just when you thought about asking yourself ”What’s Next”, here we go with a mumble rap parody tape!

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Dj Akademiks who now goes by the moniker Lil Ak  teased a little snippet of ”Blues Clues” which is a song from his mumble rap tape. Mind you, we all went through the same process when the news broke out that he was making his rap debut

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First, it was denial, then came the skepticism, a little later some cynism and finally a great surprise. Whether you admit it or not in your subconscious, Lil Ak is ALMOST dope (very funny still to say the least).

ALMOST dope to a point where we can say ”It’s Actually Not That Bad”. To add fuel to the fire, Akademiks decided to release his first rap video on 420. Coincidental enough, J Cole was on his side of the planet releasing a project going after everything ”Blues Clues” stand for.

I have to give him that, unlike our favorite rappers, Dj Akademiks is very transparent about his process. He admits that he has ghostwriters for everything and that the whole purpose of the project is to have fun and share it with his audience (shoutout to the Chat N*ggas)

Looking forward to see what Lil Ak, in the meantime enjoy his first official video (because for real that thing is hilariousssssssssss)

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