5 Things To Remember From Kanye’s Interview With Charlamagne


5 Things To Remember From Kanye  8217 s Interview With Charlamagne

This Interview With Charlamagne Is A Defining Moment!

Although it took almost a year for us to hear from Kanye, he sure made his presence felt in a series of volcanic tweets and now even more in this new interview with Charlamagne Tha God. These days, people seem to misjudge the line between mental illness and strategic marketing.

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One thing is for sure, Kanye understands the climate very well (a little too well actually). The political rants, the 50-tweets-in-a-row-self-improvement quotes and now for the first time of his career, understanding how to manoeuver with the media.

For context, today Kanye West dropped an interview of him talking to Charlamagne about EVERYTHING. from his nervous breakdown to Jay-Z and so forth.

When I saw the 1 hour and 45 minutes video pop up, I knew Ye was with the shits! The strategy was simple, clear the air about what went down last year and do it with the loudest voice in Hip Hop: Charlamagne Tha God.

To be honest, it’s one of those moments where Charlamagne proved that he’s much more than a shock jock. Some might feel like he’s compromised but when you deal with someone with Kanye’s unpredictability and gated thoughts, you have to move accordingly.

It was like watching a Muhammed Ali versus Sonny Liston fight at some points. Perhaps, CTHAGOD used some hard questions as right hooks. Kanye dodged a few and danced a bit but he kept it surprisingly real about a lot of things.

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Here Are 5 Things To Remember

#1 Ownership VS Being Backed By A Corporation

We spoke about the difference between Kanye and Virgil in a recent article but it was something else to hear it from Ye’s perspective. No love lost but he explained how he felt that Virgil becoming the head of menswear for Louis Vuitton wasn’t a good idea in the long run.

He mentioned that owing your company and creations allow you to create without a barrier. Down the line, a corporation might feed off your ideas but will never give you a fair share of the pie.

#2  We’re Not Getting A Watch The Trone 2 Anytime Soon…

Jay and Ye are reviving what Dame and Jay once had to endure: a change of direction. Looking at both from a distance, it’s like Ying and Yang, the total opposite but they still complete each other (at least in my mind).

From Kanye’s tone of voice and how he insisted that Jay-Z didn’t attend his wedding. Something tells us the bond between the two is not what it once was. When family, pride, ego, and honor are involved, this can affect any chemistry forever.

I mean, Kanye was on stage a year ago begging Hov to not send ”the Killas” at him so it’s got to be deep.

#3 Find Yourself Some Powerful Ally

Whether Charlamagne recognizes it or not, the whole point of this interview was to spread the message fast, effectively and give it credibility. What’s better than aligning yourself with the biggest radio host in Hip Hop.

At this very moment, the interview is at 1 million something views so I guess it worked!

#4 Information is Power

You would think someone with resources and connections like Kanye would have access to the information needed to succeed but nope. He said that regardless of his success, he is still not privy to a lot of information on how to get the next level.

For you and I who haven’t made a million yet, it may not mean anything but it’s still important. It’s a reminder, no matter where you at in life there’s always a ceiling, an obstacle or a gatekeeper.

The only way to get through the wall is to get the proper tools to do it.

#5 Freedom Of Thought Has A Cost

We’ve seen the twitter rants, the controversy, and uproar. In this climate, it’s hard to say if it’s Kanye’s trolling-for-promoting-my-album-mode OR as he would put it: freedom of thought.

The way the interview with Charlamagne was set up was strange and done on purpose. As if Kanye was having his own ”4:44” moment live on camera. Bringing everything from his past on the table and promise a better future.

Ye expands on his ideas, on trying to create a revolution in apparel and all those different things. As usual, it’s all over the place but we still fuck with it.  The way you think is yours but when you deliver your truth to the world, you never know what’s coming back.

If all this turns out to be a marketing plan (which has to be at least at 30%), we still have to salute a man willing to go on a digital guillotine for what he believes in.

We can scream and chant that we want ”The Old Kanye” but this interview with Charlamagne was the closest thing we had from it for the past 5 years.

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