4 Sole Licking Sneakers From The New Y-3 Collection

That “Wow” Effect!

4 Sole Licking Sneakers From The New Y 3 Collection

Take A Trip To The Future With The New Y-3 Collection!

Yohji Yamamoto is imposing his brilliant input in the sneaker world while taking us to the future once again with his spring/summer 18 Y-3 collection!

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The new Y-3 collection was presented at the Cite De La Mode in Paris and it literally stole the show. The reason why this Adidas line has remained so powerful over the years is the cultural symbiosis between the two cultures.

Adidas , even though their own German designs became timeless, has provided us an open window to the Japanese streetwear scene thanks to Yohji. So it’s only right that the shoes that come out of that represent this unique blend.

Today we will overview 4 sole licking sneakers from the new Y-3 collection (and yes licking soles is really a thing by the way)

y-3 collection yohji yamamoto

Cc: via Adidas

High Stan Smiths

When it comes to pushing boundaries in the footwear game, Yohji Yamamoto is willing to take the kind of risk it takes to create something new.

These high top Stan Smiths are the living proof that even classics can be revamped and modernized. The sole is different, the color pattern is pretty bold and there’s a personal touch to it because there’s the signature of the designer on the side.

Converse has now some serious competition in my opinion!


The “Wow” Effect

One thing that really stands out of the new Y-3 Collection is the fact that even the simple designs are reintroduced with what I describe as the “Wow” effect.

Indeed, Yohji Yamamoto is known for implementing different fabrics, patterns and streetwear elements that turn your regular Adidas sneakers into a masterpiece!

As you can see this pair is not an exception to the rule!


The Trainer Master

Y-3 shoes came in the market with one thing in mind : let’s revolutionize what you consider as a trainer shoe. Since the Y-3 Quasa, it was clear that they were bringing something new to the table.

This time around, the iconic duo brought us a beautiful product focused on details, simplicity and functionality (because comfort is the key for everything in life!).


Slip Ons, Slip Ons, Oh And More Slip Ons!

If you doubted that slippers were still a thing, the simple fact that all your favorite sneaker giants are now releasing a ton of them is a sign in itself.

You can never go wrong with slip ons, period! Usually they’re a great choice for casual looks or to add a “passe partout” item to your life.

Since the motto of the new Y-3 collection seems to be all about “standing out in simplicity”, this is great choice to start with!

What Do You Think?

This new collection is definitely bringing something different to the scene for the season. We don’t have any updates in terms of price of or release dates but as an high end product it’s a “you get what you pay for” type of collection.

Would you rock any of the sneakers we’ve selected? Do you see a real progress in the Adidas/Y-3 line?

Let us know in the comment section now!



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