Francis Mayer Drops His First Streetwear Collection And It’s Full Of Must Haves

Francis Mayer Drops His First Streetwear Collection And It  8217 s Full Of Must Haves

Francis Mayer Gives His Own Spin To The Streetwear Culture

Francis Mayer is an entrepreneur/designer we’ve been following for a while now.  This journey of his, is what 140 characters or an Instagram caption can’t describe. Just when we thought we knew him as a designer, he surprised us again with an exclusive streetwear collection.

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Coming up with no formal background in fashion. Armed with an appetite for the industry, a love for art and good taste. Francis Mayer managed to build a brand by creating tailor made suits with his own twist.

Not your I’m-a-middle-age-no-risk-taker-accountant suits. Flashy, bold, colorful and even risqué at times.  While dressing your favorite athletes such as Didier Drogba, Alvarez and more recently a Toronto Raptors player; the suit industry didn’t see him coming.

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There are two types of people in life. Those who see designers as ”people who sell clothes” and those who understand that they are artists that use clothes as canvases.

I feel like Francis Mayer definitely tapped into his artistic side recently. He could’ve play it safe and stay in the suits business forever but he took the challenge and released the unexpected (we didn’t see that one coming for sure!).

Titled ”Chapitre 1”, the collection includes streetwear essentials such as t-shirts, hoodies, pants and even shoes! Here are 5 must haves from his new release.

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Price: 1000.00$

 As expected, the designer still pays attention to the most minuscule details. This overcoat right here has everything your autumn wardrobe can wish for.

A large collar to enhance what you got under your coat whether it’s a scarf or an hoodie like in the picture. Buttons either for decoration or keep it tighter when necessary.

like the rest of the collection, this piece is also handmade in Montreal.

francis mayer, montreal designer, designer in montreal, montreal a la mode, festival mode et designe, montreal entrepreneur

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Price: 250.00$

I think this piece right here pretty much summarizes the change of direction for the designer. 

When I look back at some of his suits, I could notice Francis Mayer‘s touch because of his style.

There was a down side though. Suits usually focus on the aesthetics of the piece, the quality of fabrics and THEN the brand’s name become a status.

Now it seems like Mayer is establishing the brand’s name with hand paint pieces. Sorta like a painter would do right?!




francis mayer, montreal designer, montreal fashion, fashion in montreal, montreal business, montreal events, montreal mode

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Price: 125.00$

Hand paint pieces may not be a game changer in this DIY era. Perhaps, to me it shows that this designer is in touch with what’s currently going on.

We’ve noticed the numbers ”222” repeatedly used  in some of his recent posts. he opened up about the signification behind the number recently.

Rebirth, renewal and a life philosophy, such are messages the designer promotes through clothes.

francis mayer

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Price: 150.00$

His collection is also composed of revamped thrift store piece. It was surprising to me at first.

But do I really need to explain to you why these joints right are fire (got to love rhetorical questions sometimes)?!












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Price: 125.00$

I Am Born Again” in front of the t-shirt. Based on this new collection, we sure believe you Francis.

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