Dress To Kill Is Partnering With Aston Martin To Step Up A Notch The F1 Weekend Celebration

You Have To Be There

Dress To Kill Is Partnering With Aston Martin To Step Up A Notch The F1 Weekend Celebration

The F1 Weekend You Will Never Forget!

The F1 weekend gotta be the hottest event of the summer but Dress To Kill always find a way to make it more iconic with their now famous annual Fashion Night. I’ve went to their 2nd edition last year and if you were not introduced to glamour and prestige earlier in your life, that one night would change it all for you!

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Dress To Kill is a Canadian household name magazine who covered the ins and outs of the industry for now more than a decade.

the Fashion Night is way for them to celebrate, gather people from various fields in the industry together and guess what have a B-L-A-S-T. 

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A red carpet experience like no other. Filled with some of your favorite local celebrities, entertainers and pillars of the fashion industry.

A place to network, put together your craziest outfit  and simply enjoy the company of like minded people and fashion enthusiasts.

What’s very much different this year is that Dress To Kill kept an ace under their sleeve.

Indeed, this year festivities are done in partnership with luxury car extraordinaire Aston Martin.

Inside the luxurious Bar George, this F1 Weekend experience will bring together many different elements under one roof.

More will be revealed as to when the actual party will take place and if whether or not it will be open to the public but we’ll keep you in touch during the week.




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