From Montreal To Las Vegas: How Kate Hubley Became A Household Name In Jewely

From Montreal To Las Vegas  How Kate Hubley Became A Household Name In Jewely

Kate Hubley Tells A Story With Each And Every Stone

A couple weeks ago, I had the privilege to meet to Kate Hubley. I use privilege lightly because indeed, the woman I’ve spoke to is a force of nature.

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In entrepreneurship, I believe that the story in which one individual decides to go out of his or her comfort zone is omething as or even more powerful than

the success it brings along the way.

Kate Hubley‘s story did in fact, touch me more than I would expect it to.

We often hear and react to rags to riches story but we overlook the stories where some people actually had everything figured out for

themselves and yet decided to do a complete 360.

Kate was in advertising for years. Studied in different parts of the world and made the 9 to 5/familly flow,

a part of her day to day.


All it took was that spark. What seem to be a natural interest for art turned into something deeper.

Something untapped.

She decided to let that interest submerge her.

Starting by doing creations in her off days only to realize that jewelry and everything surrounding it was

somehow someway made for her.

When I say everything surrounding it, I mean EVERYTHING.

From the stones used, the design patterns, the message and stories behind the pieces. Kate makes jewelry that speaks to her clients.

Mostly women and specifically women that love to wear black. Each piece is a statement; a sort of inside message just to say

to anybody looking ”Hey, I may be professional and classy but I like to standout as well”.

This determination to live her passion had her work featured in famous magazines, flying in and out the United States

where the demand is exploding. From working as a copywritter to not writing your own destiny, life works in mysterious ways.

I’m a fan of people who come to themselves and decide to take bold steps into chasing their dreams.

I wanted to know how someone can come from a life long career only to create a totally different life long career.

I sat down with Kate Hubley to satisfy this curiosity and everything translated in this beautiful 1 on 1 interview.

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There’s a method to her madness. A scientific approach actually.

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With a background in gemology and a being a craft person.

Kate is involved in 100% of the process.

Her pieces are  a showstopper.

The production is being handled all the way in Montreal. It allows Kate to be in symbiosis with the product from point A to Z.

Maybe that’s why they all seem to carry a deeper story.

She showed me pieces that reflected Montreal’s landscapes and mechanism to give the precious stones the glow it deserves.

Mrs Hubley goes above and beyond to bring creations that are outside the box and timeless.

A luxurious experience that makes you feel like you’re  part of something bigger.

Even in the short amount of time we’ve spent together in her offices. It was clear to me that what makes her art unique is

the fact that you get a little bit of Kate Hubley in each and every of her collections.

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