72 Hours Into The Pr Agent Life In Montreal With Felipe Del Pozo

PR Life or No Life

72 Hours Into The Pr Agent Life In Montreal With Felipe Del Pozo

Felipe Del Pozo Took Us On The Field For The Grand Prix Weekend

Felipe Del Pozo has been a pioneer in the PR business for over 3 decades already and while everybody would think about retirement, this rock star turned PR seemed to have just started!

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For the Grand Prix weekend, Felipe took us on a 72 hours adventure in his world. He was taking care of the press relations for ”Dress To Kill”, ”Formule Peel” and ”Licence IV” at the same time.

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Felipe Del Pozo with Patrice Brisebois

The most logic thing to do when you know you’re about to go on a madness weekend, is to document E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. We were able for a 3 day period to get backstage at 3 of those events and capture the action.

While we were anxious and feeling dizzy after running around from room to room, locations to locations, Felipe Del Pozo was just smiling and kept it moving.

From handling the photo sessions for celebrities, taking care of special guests, managing the media outlets & keeping the organizers confident; the work ethic was insane.

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Cc: Montrealgotstyle
Felipe Del Pozo with Jean Pascal

So the very first day we went to the ”Dress To Kill 10th anniversary” party. The renown fashion magazine was celebrating a decade of high end publications the right way! A lot of celebrities were there, Ferraris and Rolls Royces too actually.

Beside the glamour vibe, we saw people celebrate their fashion sense like never before. Extravaganza was in the building while the drinks were flowing around; thanks to Disaronno and many other sponsors.

The second day we went to ”Formule Peel”. A Grand Prix celebration for car enthusiasts and to kick off the main event. The street was blocked from Ste Catherine to Maisonneuve for the occasion. Fast cars, Patrice Brisebois and a terrasse to make it all work (can you ask for more!?).

felipe del pozo, licence iv, ludovic licence iv

Cc: Montrealgotstyle

On the third day, we went to Licence IV. The Griffintown restaurant was hosting a Grand Prix party with Dj Lafleche and definitely the best filet mignon in town to join the fun.

In brief, Felipe Del Pozo is more than a PR agent, he’s a culture shifter. A bridge between the young and the old school. Thanks to him, we were able to capture the man in his natural habitat.

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