This Weekend You Can Find Your Next Vintage Outfit & Other Gems At Vintage Streetwear Flea Market

Who loves vintage clothes?

This Weekend You Can Find Your Next Vintage Outfit   038  Other Gems At Vintage Streetwear Flea Market

Pick Up The Rarest Gems For Your Next Vintage Outfit At Deadstock Depot Flea Market

An existential question that pops up in my mind from time to time is this: What makes a good vintage outfit? Is it the pieces? The inspiration? Or the way you rock it overall?

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Streetwear is now a worldwide phenomenon. Perhaps, it’s getting harder and harder to 1 get the flyest pieces at a reasonable price & 2, standout from the crowd.

What if I told you that there’s actually an international convention of vintage clothes enthusiasts coming in town?

Indeed, Deadstock Depot’s Vintage Flea Market is a movement that started in Toronto which brings together vintage collectors from all over Canada & the United States.

It’s really an all in one event. You get to shop around for your pieces, connect with other vintage clothing purists and find the holy grail for the perfect vintage outfit.

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The event is set for Saturday June 1st, from 12’o clock to 6pm.

There’s a 5$ entrance fee and then you can have access to all the booths, vendors and most of all the pieces you’ve been dreaming for.

Deadstock Depot’s Vintage Streetwear Flea Market provides you with the most popular brands in the vintage circuit.

From Tommy Hilfiger, Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Kappa & more. Payment methods vary but one thing we noticed last year is that people really get a

run for their money.

You don’t need to buy your ticket in advance, just show up at 3455 St Laurent Blvd and enjoy the experience.

What pieces you’re looking to complete your next

vintage outfit?

Let us know now in the comment section.

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