5 Christmas Gift Ideas For The Late Shoppers (Including You)

It’s Never Too Late

5 Christmas Gift Ideas For The Late Shoppers  Including You

Christmas Gift Ideas For Him, Her & Them

It’s currently December 10th as I’m writing this, biting my nails and thinking about the right Christmas gift ideas to not ruin it for the people I love the most.  Visa card on one side, bank statement on the other; I didn’t know that this extensive research would turn into this useful piece of information I’m about to provide but hey I got a job to do.

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For all the late shoppers out there, there’s still hope. By scattering the web for Christmas gift ideas, I came up with a solution for any kind of gifts you can think of. Something you can experiment, something you can wear and some tools or gadget to make life a little easier.

Here are 5 Christmas gift ideas that’ll make you wrap up your boxes with an evil laugh (and add up to your cool points at the same time).

#1 Something You Can Wear

Christmas gift ideas, puma thunder desert spectra

Cc: puma

Browns has HUGE holiday deals on sneakers right now. I was able to buy  some Puma Thunder Deserts,  the Puma Creepers, some Adidas Samba Ogs and some I won’t mention because there are only a few pairs left. All my purchases were online for up to 70% off. You have a ton of choices, colors, designers for a more than a fair price.

Best believe, when you’re late for your Christmas gifts shopping the first thing you have to think about is OPTIONS; in this case find the shoe that fits!

Price: 60$ to 300$+

#2 Something To Take Care Of Yourself

wise harcare, Christmas gift ideas, men's grooming products, Christmas time, Christmas gifts

Cc: Wise

Men’s grooming products are always a good choice  for Christmas gifts ideas to put under the tree especially if they have a hint of luxury to it. Wise brings together eco-friendly  products, made in Montreal, and with a focus on incredible scents and natural ingredients.

Actually, they’ve just released their skin care products and they also have product kits that includes a comb, pomades and everything a man’s need for his next man-bun.

Price: 95$ to 165$

#3 Something To Make You Think

the subtle art of not giving a f**ck, books to read, self improvement, gifts ideas, Chrsitmas spirit

Cc: ,Mark Manson

Still a bestseller and a life-changer , The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F**ck  is a masterpiece for everybody who needs a good dose of self-improvement in their life. Mark Manson’s approach is self-explanatory by the book title but yet it teaches you how to prioritize what you should actually care about.

Funny, clever and some real in depth life stories to inspire you in the process. I’ve bought the book’s paperback version, read it through and through and bought the audiobook for whenever I was on the go.   

It gives you a broader perspective about life and its the best way to let someone you love start the new year right. 

Price: 9,99$ on Kindle, 24,15$ Hardcover

#4 Something To Make Your Life Easier

google home max, gifts for Christmas, Christmas gifts, Christmas party

Cc: Google

Whenever I get stuck wandering about Christmas gifts ideas, I get back to the only thing reliable, of value and timeless : gadgets. When you buy a gadget for someone you have to think strategically or fear to miss the target.

Does it solve a problem? Can it survive the clumsiness of the person you try to give it to? If you said yes to everything earlier I would like to remind you why Google actually has an answer for everything in this world.

Indeed, they’re entire range of gadgets can fill a void in someone’s life. From the Pixel 3 Xl which is an incredible phone in terms of camera that competes with even professional devices. Then again you can go with the Pixel Slate.

A tablet that can easily replace your laptop  and let your creativity free when you add the keyboard and pen. This can be a ”Go-To” for everything. Portable, affordable, multi-task and literally your entertainment or work station on the go.

***Side Note: the Google Home Max and Mini will make ”staying at home and planing things out” a MUCH better experience.

Price: 80,24$ to 1300$

#5 Something To Experiment


centre helight, light therapy, Christmas gift ideas, Christmas occasion, Christmas in Montreal

Cc: Centre Helight

Relaxation and self care are a must and while people might think about going to the spa or on a shopping therapy there are different ways to disconnect. Centre Helight offers an unconventional way to relax which is a new kind of experience in itself: light therapy.

a 15 to 30 minutes process where you let your body exposed to their therapeutic light which relaxes your muscles and unlocks your energy sort of like a mini workout. You leave the room rested, relax and most of all ready to tackle your day to day tasks.

Price: starting at 15$ for the first 15 minutes

Location:  445 President Kennedy Avenue, Montreal 

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