This New ”I Never Thought It Existed” Bar Will Be Your 1st Stop In The Old Port Of Montreal

You This Place In Your Life!

Bulma Bar Will Soon Takeover The Old Port Of Montreal

Yesterday we were invited by  Ashgrphx & Miro Laflaga to the private opening of Bulma Bar in the heart of the Old Port of Montreal. It’s one of those nights where you get to hangout, exchange, drink, eat and take mental pictures of a place that might soon become your new sanctuary for the following months if not years.

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At least that’s how I felt leaving Bulma Bar located 686 Notre-Dame St.W straight to this prematurely and savagely cold November night. One thing that really caught my attention from the jump was the intimate atmosphere and also the location itself.

Like any Montrealer, I’ve had my fair share of St-Laurent nightclubs drama with sonar pollution through the roof. Bulma Bar is like the mysterious girl who looks timid but was actually born to be the cool girl BUT THEN decided to be herself instead; quiet from the outside still you can’t help but notice her.

bulma bar, old port of montreal

Cc: Cid Merisier from, old port of Montreal

I’ve found myself in a place where amazingly cohesive interior design, comfort and intimacy overlap each other to create an unique atmosphere. Everybody has what I call a ”bar profile”.

bulma bar, montreal bar

Cc: Cid Merisier from

Some are  the ” Everybody In The Room Hears What I’m Saying” profile, the ”I’m At The Bar By Myself” profile, the ”I Text For A Living” profile and so forth. In a perfect world, everybody can live in harmony but it’s rare.

Bulma Bar has a lot of space, seats, a huge bar counter and the lighting to make it work. I know by experience cause I was definitely each of the profiles throughout the night.

It was an interesting vibe last night. As a humble servant of Montreal’s interest for the urban world, I always get excited when I meet fellow creators. They had everybody, I mean literally.

From Marcus Troy,  the entrepreneur duo at Never Was Average, Steve DanielNaskademini & morethis place makes you curious and you just have to find out.

bulma bar, montreal event

Cc: Cid Merisier from

Coincidentally, their logo is a peace sign and after a long day running like I had clones and my 6th 1800 Tequila Sunshine none the less; peace is exactly what I’ve found at this place.

So now the real question you might ask yourself is : What the drinks look like sir? How the food tastes? I can’t tell you about the food just yet because they were serving mostly appetizers throughout the night but when it comes to drinks the pictures in the gallery don’t lie.

With funky names and recipes, I recommend there 1800 Tequila Sunrise and The Bulma…. (the fact that I can’t remember the last part of the name for this drink is telling right?!).

The drinks come with fresh fruits and the right dosage for the cocktails. Overall it’s a great place to bring a date, coworkers, for a business meeting AND this summer they’re stepping up the terrasse game in the city from what I’ve heard. One thing’s for sure they can count me in.

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686 Notre-Dame St. W,

Old Port Of Montreal







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